With so many bands these days trying so hard to be meaner, deeper, heavier and more extreme than the next, it is actually refreshing when we
come across bands that just give us basic, classic style hard rock. They don’t seem to be too interested in being the heaviest or the meanest.
They seem to be more about just rocking out and having fun.
Here we have just such a band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They go by the name of BAKER’S DOZEN. Here we talk to all 4 members, Tommy Elliot -
vocals, Zach "Zeezus" Ruble - guitar/backing vocals, David Karr - bass/backing vocals, Jake "Sharkfin" Pilcher - drums.
You can hear old school hard rock and early metal tradition all through their music and we salute them for that!
The band name....How did you guys come up with it?

Tommy - I came up with the name..I was in a band a ways back called 13..
and a Baker’s Dozen is 13. It’s purely tongue in cheek.

Zach - Tommy came up with the name I liked the flying squirrels but Baker's
Dozen seemed more legit.

How long has the band been in existence?
Tommy - Almost two years now.

Zach - We have been a band for going on 2
years now.

David - almost two years

Jake - 2 years.

What inspired you to form this band?

Tommy - Zach and I were in a AC/DC tribute
band together and we just got a little itchy to
put something new and original together..and
Baker’s Dozen was conceived.

Zach - Well me and Tommy have been talking
about starting a band for the longest time,
because we were getting tired of doing the
tribute band scene in town, so we sat on his couch drank some death juice aka. Coffee, and smoked lots of
weed to the point of no return and we just started writing songs like crazy.

David - had played with Tommy before and he and Zach needed a bassist and fortunately i was available

Jake - I met Zach and was asked To join the band in September 2017.
What inspired you to become musicians?

Tommy - Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Chicks.

Zach - My Dad used to play the drums originally I wanted to play drums as well, so I was set on that for awhile, but when I saw Angus Young
for the first time hence AC/DC that's when I knew I wanted to be a guitar player. I studied all his techniques, licks, stage antics, that's where
I get my intense stage presence from is because of him.

David - seeing Alice Cooper

Jake - I grew up with my dad who is a musician as well.I started playing drums when I was 4 and I've been heavily influenced by Bryan Hitt
of REO Speedwagon.

Is there a certain type of audience you guys are trying to reach?

Tommy - We’re trying to reach out to everyone..but especially the broken toys out there.
Zach - Everyone in the world, We do what we do and If people dig it cool, we are just
trying to leave a footprint of our music on this earth for people to enjoy.

David - anyone and everyone

Jake - I would love to reach to everyone lol

Would you guys care to share the type of gear you guys use?
Tommy - Sennheiser mics, Pig Hog Cables, Gibson guitars, DR Strings,Sinister guitar picks and Coffin guitar cases.

Zach - For guitars- I have a 2014 Gibson Firebird, Epiphone Semi- Hollowbody, and a Gibson Melody Maker, Amps- Hughes and
Kettner 18 watt head, Kustom Cabinet with G12 Greenbacks Celestion Speakers, Effects- Carbon Delay MXR pedal, Jim Dunlop Jerry
Cantrell Wah Pedal, and a boss Chromatic Tuner.
David - Pig Hog cables. Sinister guitar picks. DR Strings. coffin Case.
Schecter basses

Jake - Drums speaking:I use Ludwig drums and we have an
endorsement from Xcel Drumsticks.

What types of music do you guys listen to besides metal?

Tommy - I’ve really been into Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes at the
moment, but I listen to everything.

Zach - I love laid back music, I listen to alot of Billie Holiday, Lester
Young, mostly jazz music Royal Crown Revue, Very Jazzy stuff.

David - I listen to almost anything. From classical to death metal

Jake - I love listening to Hard rock,Country,Punk,Classic Rock,50s rock,
rockabilly,pop,alternative,etc.Im pretty open to a lot of styles of music,I
just have never been a big fan of Rap.
Is there any types of music you guys dont like?

Tommy - Icelandic Polka..but I’m on the fence about that one.

Zach - For me I'm open to everything, I love exploring new music and
gathering ideas for what I can put into our songs, But I mean I guess I
dislike Europop that shits kinda crappy lol.

David - Electronic dance music

Jake - RAP.

If there was any type of problem in the world you guys could
solve, what would that be?

Tommy - Ignorance.
Zach - Poverty, Homelessness, The world needs to be more caring and more love rather than hatred and every man for himself, we are
in a time of when we need people. I try to do the best I can to help people out as much as I can. The world needs more love.\

David - shitty drivers
Jake - For People to learn to love one another,no matter how different they may be.

Do you guys have any recreational activities you guys have outside of your musicianship lives?

Tommy - Weed consumption and Kayaking.

Zach - I am a gamer, love to escape in that world with my boy Tommy!  I also love being outdoors in the woods,
Kayaking, drinking some brews, Hell yah!.

David - video games. Watching sports

Jake - I love to Longboard,I love spending time with friends and family,and I'm from California so I love going
there on some weekends I'm off to hang with family and friends.

For each band member individually, what was the first concert you went to in your life?
Tommy - The US Festival was my first show 3 days of underage drinking and mayhem!  Memorial Day weekend 1983! Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino.
That’s Rock and Roll!

Zach - My First concert was AC/DC that changed my life and it was cool seeing my hero do what he does, that band has made such a huge impact on my life I can't thank them
enough for what the brought to the world.

David - Alice Cooper '79

Jake - I'm not 100% sure on this one...It would make sense...REO Speedwagon (I think).
Interview by;
Anthony "MetalBrow" Savarese