During a recent trip to Nashville for Summer NAMM I met some really cool rockers and metal heads (always a good time). I absolutely LOVE NAMM.
It’s a great opportunity to check out stuff I don’t get to see much and to discover new things and meet interesting people. It can’t be beat.
Anyway, while checking out some guitars at the REVEREND guitar booth, I was introduced to Todd Evans.  Todd is the leader of a thrash metal
band called MOBILE DEATHCAMP. Based out of Toledo Ohio, this power trio have been touring consistently for 10 years. Todd also did a 6 year
stint as “Beefcake The Mighty” with the legendary shock rockers, GWAR.
Here we talk about his band, his early beginnings and anything else I could think of.
Chad Smith - Drums
Todd Evans - Guitar/ Vocals
JC - Bass
How would you describe Mobile Deathcamp to someone who might not have heard of it?

Thrash metal with speedy punk overtones. If you like it fast and choppy with hooks a groove here and there,
well, c'mon in!

How did you come up with the name?

The Earth travels around the sun (so they tell us), making it a mobile object... our favorite thing to do as humans
is kill each other (so it seems)... thus, the Earth is a Mobile Deathcamp.

Can you tell us what the inspiration was for forming this band?

Chasing the elusive musical dragon is more then quest, it's a fucking obsession. Thrash has always been my
fave genre, it's where I belong.

Has the line-up ever changed for MD?
How did you come to bring in the current members of the band?
Absolutely... Chad is the third drummer, and J.C. is the fourth bass man.
I've been really lucky to have super talented people around me, making me
look good, and forcing me to raise my game.
The current guys are THE formula. It's tough to keep a band together that
wants to tour a ton, with little to no pay off at completion. Music is a true
racket, but, it's what we love.

What is the songwriting process like?

Any time I'm sitting at home, I have a guitar in my hands... always noodling
around with it. Riffs come and go, if I'm smart enough to 'record' them on
my dope flip phone, then I can review 'em the next day. Sometimes they still
sound cool... most of the time, I cringe and erase them. Haha!
Lyrics are still a chore for me. I'd rather not have to deal with writing words, but, if I have to sing them, I'd rather
write them too."
When you are writing lyrics, is there a theme or message that you try to convey?

I've never fought a dragon (tho I wish I have), or killed a priest or anything excitingly metal like that. I do enjoy
those songs, I just can't bring myself to write that way. I stick to topics I'm more familiar with, like: picking my
nose, Sasquatch, talking to birds, etc...  

What can you tell us about the most recent MD release (Summon the Destroyer)?

We did it with Tommy Gunn, down in Richmond, VA. It's pretty dern solid record, with some heavy production.
The cover was created by my pal Emily Martian.

Do you have a favorite MD (Mobile Deathcamp) song?

Hmm... not really, I guess my favorite song is the one I'm still writing. I s'pose when it's complete,
that will continue to be my answer.

You have done extensive touring throughout your career.
How do you manage it? What advice would you give to anyone who is about to begin their first tour?
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Just jump in head first and keep going. Too many bands
waste too much time PLANNING to tour... ya gotta just GO.
I love touring, there's a real sense of freedom in it. Beating up
the guitar seems to make people happy... and that makes ME

When/how did you discover that you wanted to be a
musician (remember what age? Was there a time or
moment that you were like "This is what I want to do"?)
and when/how did you come to discover metal in
My Dad's side of family is from Tennessee...all hillbilly guitar pickers, banjo men, and fiddlers. I plunked around
on any of the various stringed instruments around the house from as far back as I can remember. Always loved
playing the guitars the most. I was first one to plug them sum'bitches in and get loud! Then my older cousins
introduced me to Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. That's when the switch went off in my head."  =)

First musical instrument you owned?

A Hondo II Les Paul copy (black, of course). Got that, a Peavey Special 130 combo amp, and a D.O.D. flanger
all on same day. Surprised my parents didn't kill me due to the horrible noises coming out of my room at a
hell-ish volume!

Can you tell us about your first band and how you went from there to living the life of a metal
Was there a breakthrough moment or experience?

Haha, a metal machine, eh? First band was called, Mother Goose. We did some pretty heavy covers for that
time, mid 80s... so, early Metallica, Raven, Anthrax, Slayer, and a handful of originals. It was metal from the

No doubt you have seen a lot on the road.
Can you tell us the craziest thing you have ever seen or experienced on the road?
Yikes! Could probably write a book. Anyone who tours could, haha! Remember, I was in a band with Dave
Brockie for 6 years, so um... wow, it's like asking a comedian to tell a joke. The best stories would flow if we were
just talking, ya know? Hmm... well, we were sitting in a bar in Cincinnati after a show, I heard someone say, 'Who
wants to see this guy set his dick on fire?!" I immediately turned around and said, "Yes, me, I do!" Haha... so, this
guy jumps up on a table, in a packed bar, he has horns glued to his head... he dips his dick into a glass of 151
rum, hands it to his bud (who instantly drinks it), then he sets his dick on fire, and let it burn off for a while. Wtf?!
I've watched Brockie fuck a cup of piss backstage, that was interesting. Haha!

What can we expect from MD in the near future? Any upcoming releases?

"Always expect a live show that's equal to a relentless hammering... we're very close to having a new record's
worth of tunes ready to go. Spoiler alert: Keep an eye on Reverend Guitars! Talking to a few labels. Booking
tours. Making cookies, you know... go go go!!"