From St. Louis, Missouri, comes a band called Xaemora. Pronounced "Zy-MOR-ah". Xaemora plays a Dark, Meloncholic brand of Melodic Black
Metal. Track 8 on the Metal Meat compilation disc is the song "Descension". In this interview, Dave Henninger talks to members of the band via
email...mostly a guitarist known as Hartvaig.
Dreathus - Vocals, Guitar
Hartvaig - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Deyanira - Keyboards
VonEckhardt - Drums
How long has XAEMORA been around?

We've been around since late 2012, around November officially.

How did the band get started?

While Dreathus was in his old Death Metal band Incineration. He had ideas of
doing a black metal project and after Incineration went on an indefinite hiatus
after their drummer committed suicide. He finally set the project in motion after
he and Von Eckhardt started jamming together.

How did you come into this style of music?

I knew just fragments of the genre before working with these guys and after
working with D (Dreathus) and Frank (Von Eckhardt) I started to gradually
learn a lot more about the genre and started incorporating my own influences
within the style.
The strength of the metal scene varies wildly from region to region. Although I believe metal heads are everywhere, some places just aren't as metal friendly
as others. How healthy would you say the metal scene in your base area.

The scene definitely has it's ups and downs. For one the scene has a lot of great bands that are just killing it out here and we have some pretty sweet venues in the area also.
Unfortunately though there's been a lot of problems lately with robberies going on. Tour vans have been broken into at shows and the thefts have gotten bad enough to where
bands are outright skipping St. Louis on tours. That being said, the local scene is still pretty cool.
Tell us about the song Descension.

Descension is one of our more aggressive songs and it's one of my
personal favorites. When D initially brought the rough draft to the table I
knew it was going to be a good opportunity to show our more technical
side because to me it was a little thrashier and guitar wise there's a lot
going on the whole song. A funny story about that song. At our very first
show, my guitar went out of tune and I didn't realize until we had gotten
to our harmony in the intro. By then it was too late and the obvious
damage had been done, completely embarrassing. Needless to say, we
shelved that song for a few shows. There was never a particular reason
as to why but I am definitely not ruling out that little blunder.

Do you have a particular method for writing songs or does every
one come in its own way?
With me riffs kind of just flow in randomly and unexpected. I mean I've sat down with the intention of writing
and done the same but 9 times out of 10 a good idea to me will start just by circumstance. The only thing
that's ever definite with me is lyrics will come last. Not that the they're not important but I don't particularly like
writing process in Xaemora. Usually it starts with D coming in with the structure and general idea and we will all
work with it, taking what works and what doesn't and then adding our own ideas. Our rough drafts don't stay
the same for long.

How many songs do you have at this time?

We have 11 songs all together with 6 on our EP (Kingdom Venom I) and countless riffs lying around that
we've been messing with and a cover as of the last few shows also. Our most recent release, the "Kingdom
Venom I" EP had six new songs, we are also currently working on about six more for the "Kingdom Venom II"
EP which we plan to record soon after we get back from our tour this spring.
Does Xaemora music/songs have a message?

Kind of. I mean most of the songs have a concept, some are
misanthropic like Desolation Solitude and others are more
random like Gadara is based on an ancient town I believe.
We don't really go into a whole important message with our
songs. To me it's more about the music and just letting
people enjoy themselves with it.

If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or
alive, who would it be?

Oh man. I know I wouldn't be able to settle for just one
personally. I know it would've been insane to jam with
Dimebag Darrell or Chuck Shuldiner those guys are pretty up there for me. But if I were to pick living. Id have to say Marty Friedman. He's been one of my biggest influences
since I got into metal.

What is the craziest or funniest thing you have seen or done at a show?

crowd, everyone got out of the way and he failed terribly. That was pretty funny.
Xaemora start their mini tour in April so
stay tuned for show dates via their
Facebook page.