March 26, 2016
part 1
1st alittle history.. i am a old school heavy metal metalhead so that means im old, you might ask whats
"heavy metal" ? its what alot of todays  music was called before the internet.. remember when you
had to write,or  read something to find out whats was going on!!  you are too young for that that why i
like to call you people [U25] as you dont understand the old days,and dont remember the world
before the  web....  if you want to know about heavy metal  please look it up online, and  join  the
circus that is  the underground.... the main problem  with today's music is thats there too many
style-genre "names" and too many bands that all sound the same  there should only be  one lamb of
goat not a million of them..... when i was getting into heavy metal the bands  where  new,and
fresh,and had there own  sound, ie spin, and  original was  the key,but now the only bands that are
original are  doing it diy or creating there own sound,and style by thinking outside of  box,and bring
other  style into  the metal,and making it  fresh,and new so if you are a band  try to be original not a
sheep....  i have heard it all,and have seen  it all  so i know what i am talking about with todays  

Part 2
the local music  scene i live in  penn yan,ny,and its in the heart of the  finger lake  region of upstate
new york,and there is alot of great bands  from  the area,and  we have 3 major  citys that have killer
music  scene  ROCHESTER   SYARCUSE  ITHACA  there is  alot of  great metal bands and  some big  
bands,and  musician that are from this  area.....  DIAMOND TYR was  great solid 4 part harmony hard
rock band with alot of soul,from rochester,and moved on to  ONE and the cool part about that band  
was it  was 2 set of  brother 2+2=one they moved  to nyc,and  broke up,with all going their own  way  
andre  is now a big rock star  going by the name  virus,and has  played with alot of  great bands,and
now is  playing again,and it  would be nice  to  talk to an old buddy  about the old  dayz,and  hope he  
still the same  guy ??  another  great band  was  SAINT CHAOS  from seneca falls,and was  a great
hard rock band,but never got its shout chaned name to groove seed,and then m.t. web,and now  ted
is doing P-SPOT a killer acoustic story telling musician  totally love the p man!!  there are many other  
big bands  that are from this  area,and thats another trip inside of a worm    ps if you are a real "heavy
metal band" or a  diy underground  band please  drop me a line and  send  your  press  kits  to me  oh
thats right what is a press kit? it what bands  send out to let people know about them,and they did
demo on cas tapes  but thats another  trip>>>>>
Music by WORMHOLE (Keith Wormuth)
the  local music  scene  101

if you are into local music,and you  want a  good  scene,then you need  these  3  things

1-  bands
2-  places  to play out
3-  places  that  support local  stuff...

you  need  all of them to have a  good  scene,and to have people  talking about it... as for the  local scene of  mine  ie:  the FINGER LAKE  
REGION (New York) we have a  great scene, but thats  because  we have 3 major  city  close by Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca
each of  them have a great scene  with alot of  great bands,and places  to play,and local  business that supports  that...
so if you look at the whole its one of the best, but  since  we have to drive to those  city  its  both good and bad  as  there should be  
something more local "within the  area"....
we do have alot of  great local bands,and musician,and  we do have some places  to play,and  local business,but alot of that gets over
shadow  by the bigger  city,and  you have to drive to those  citys...  
we  the  local finger lake region need more people and  musician to be more local,and  start supporting local  things....
so please  support  your local scene  shop at local business and  buy local  stuff...
we do have alot of people talking about this area,and its nice to have other people comming into the area and  checking out what we  
have and thats  great, but there is room for more, and  we  need  more....            
local metal,and beyond......

SPIRE is a "su"  metal band,and has a new cd out and  is out playing  all over,and as with most band they are online...... NASTY HABIT is a young U25  
metal-rock//pop band. they have cds out,and are a modern rock/metal band and  good! but have changed their  name to major change?? what the**  
ID?  why the change? i dont know {{ID?}}....RUINATIONis a southern tier ny metal//core band,they play out alot..... THE BARRY BROTHERS are a
4p,from the "ST/FL" area,and have a new cd out 'stories fromthe southern tier' they are more on the light side of rock,acoustic i think??....  SKULL  is a
one man metal band!! has alot of cds out,and is on hold,as is doing other things,and  can'twait  to see what he  will do next!!!.... COSTON  is a high
power old school hard rock band,and totally  kick ass  old fashion  hard rock like  80's metal/glam mtv-headbanger's ball  la  rock big hair  rock n roll  
has a new cdout,and  been around a long time. its great that he  roy  is still doing it  his way,and still  rocking!!!!  his  kidGUNNER  is now in  WICKED  
who are a high power  totally glam metal band  all
bighair la blonde hardrock/glam metal!! a great young band U25......  NIHILIST RULEBOOK is a local noise band  from penn yan,and is  young band u21
and are playing out .....  IRE CLAD  are a killer  heavy metal band  from "ITHACA,NY",and have a new  cd out,and  are a old school heavy metal band
with atouch of  modern//core  a killer  band!!!!   THE ONE FEST is a  killer allday  metal fest that is put on by ITHACAUNDERGROUND  
{{}} this  yearshow ia  july 2 at  THE HAUNT in ithaca,and the lineup is:dragged into sunlight/primitive man/cult leader/meek is
murder/bleak/creator-destroyer/twin lords.....another  killer local metal fest is  THE FINGER LAKE METAL FEST  this year its may 20-21  2 days over 20
bands and its free  please check it out.....  CADABRA RECORDS  out  of  "SU"is  a new record co. and has  alot of  cool stuff out.... thats is it  for
thisissue  please  support  your  local  metal scene and dont sit at a screen  goout and  see  stuff and do stuff  anything is fine as long you dont  like
everything online like them in person!!!!  wOrm
ok  the reason i choose  those  5 shades
i think  you can  break alot of  it  down into those 5  groups  but  within  the metal scene  its more than  that but  like i said  it  depends on the person...
as for me im a old school guy but also a death/black &  beyond the metal  guy...  i like all shades  of metal  and  like i said i would like to take back that
word,and call it  like i used  to back in the old days  HEAVY METAL!!!!  in my day you where either into  heavy metal  or hard rock......
now its  broken down and there are sooooo many  layers  that its  hard to tell what is  what!!!!!!  
when i do  review yes i try to  break it  down and  sometime  just tell you what it  is in plain english.  But alot of  writters  will  go on and on about this and
that but  as for  me i like to keep it  simple and short so yes i do say its _____metal  or  metal////  or  post, or  some other new word to describe  what  
metal is now!!

this section  is about   progressive & power metal   beyond the metal   and  hardcore,and  the other  sub genre  that is  heavy metal!!!!3-  progressive  
metal & power metal   now alot of  this  is old and  you can  re-read  the last section...  progressive metal/rock is  both an old and new thing  as its  a
hudge and has avery differant  scene,and style... progressive rock is not the same  as  progressive metal,but it is the same,butit depends  on the
person,and  which side  of the road they are on....  progressive rock dates back to the early60's-70's  with the whole  art rock/progscene  over in  
uk/eruope...  you had  the biggest band in whole PINK FLOYD,andto many  they where a progressive rock band,but  alot of the bands that i talk
about in this section will cause a  hudge  block  fight,and  some is  right and some are  wrong,but  its all the same....  bands  like  pink foyd/rush/king
crimsion/genesis/dream theater/fates warning/watchtower/voivod/dbc/cynic/athiest/agent steel,and many  more  are  what i would call  PROGRESSIVE   
what isthat word??  i can go on and on,but  when i think about it  progressive musicis  both a thinking man  metal ((brain--smart--tech**)) and  more  
artist  styleof music that has alot of  tempo change,and weird  riffs,solo,and off beats, its nuts,and chaotic,and some time make your  head  hurts trying
to fiqure  out how they do it... but in a nut shull that  progressive music,,now  as for power metal yes its a off shoot to progressive but its  more  
metal,and more old school  thrash,but  power metalwas more about  the story the image...  its all about fanasty...  both progressive & power metal  is the
same but at the same time its  2 totally differant  things  all together,