It has been said that this band from Missoula, MT is "easily one of the top unsigned metal bands in Montana, if not the whole
country. They’ve recently had their new album reach #1 on the Amazon death metal charts."
An impressive statement for sure. Well, they got our attention.
Our own Rick Horton took the oportunity to talk to the band "Walking Corpse Syndrome".
Leif Winterrowd - vocals
Matthew Bile - guitar
Tana Starkey - guitar
Steven Frerichs - bass
Nocktis - drums
Mr. Grimm - drums
How long has Walking Corps Syndrome been a band?
2006 from the ruins of previous project.

I see you have two drummers. How did that come about? How do you
work that out?
keep it.

Who does most of the writing in the band or is it a group effort?

Most of the songs started out as riffs from Matthew Bile with the rest of the band contributing parts and helping with the
arrangement. There are a few songs, such as "Surrender and Comply" that germinated with Ryan Kromdar.

Is this your first record?
Human Delusion is our fourth record, though the first two were so rough and
stylistically different that we've mostly pulled them from distribution.

How do you go about recording? Do you go to a studio, or do you do it

We've gone to Amplified Wax in Spokane for both Alive in Desolation and
Human Delusion.

Is there any music videos in the works from this record?

We've released two music videos for Angel Flesh and Ending Created.

What can you tell us about the video "Ending Created"?

Ending Created was made by Łukasz Pytlik in Poland. We found him through a
website called Music Radar. We liked his treatment and enthusiasm for our
song so we went with him.

About the song “Angel Flesh“…

Angel Flesh was the lead single for Human Delusion. It was the first song we
wrote for the album and set the tone for how much more aggressive this album
was going to be compared to Alive in Desolation.
I see you guys do a Slayer cover on this record. What made you decide
We chose this song for a Jeff Hanneman memorial show. Most bands focus on
Slayer's older catalog, but this song rips so hard. It's hard to find cover songs
that stylistically match what we do. This song flows so well in our set, and
people love it so much, that we just had to record it.

If you could tour with any band who would it be?

Hands down, Lamb of God.

One last question…What kind of music do you think Jimmi Hendrix
would be playing if he were alive today?

Jimi was an innovator and continually pushed boundaries of music. He played
some super heavy stuff, played ballads, and experimented with technology. It's
hard to say what he would have done with an extra 40 years. Would he have
been more like Bowie and experimented with different genres? Or would he
have been more like the Rolling Stones and, after pushing into different sonic
territory, returned to his blues roots? Either way, I wish we would have been
able to find out. The 27 club sucks.
Interview done by Rick Horton and David Henninger