All throughout the United States there are places we would call “hotbeds” for unsigned metal bands. A few we could name right off the tops of
our heads are places like Rochester New York, Los Angeles California and Tampa Florida.
Another one that we have been discovering more and more of lately is Scranton Pennsylvania. One band from Scranton we have come to know
in recent months hasn’t really been around for all that long. Forming in the fall of 2016, they are hell-bent on making a mark and the music we
have heard from them is quite good.
Although it’s a new band, it’s members have been doing this stuff for quite a while and are not new to the scene at all. They are not reinventing
the wheel or changing the face of metal or anything like that. But they are bringing their own take on all things metal and it seems their wide
spectrum of influences is working in their favor to bring a good, solid, heavy, yet digestible brand of music for the masses.
Here our own Randy Smith returns to Metal Meat with an interview with this band called Traverse The Abyss.
What can you tell us about the song you've submitted, "21 Or Bust"?

The track we submitted 21 or Bust was one of the first songs we worked on with Traverse
the Abyss. We wrote the song technically a few years back with our old project Without a
Martyr, but wasn't recorded until recent.

How long has the band together? Who rounds out the current lineup, and what do
they play? Who's most responsible for music and lyric writing?

The band has been together for close to a year, we stayed underground until we finished
our debut album and became public on October 1st, 2016.
Current members are Eric Abyss - vocals, "Iron" Mike White
Guitar, Nelson Negron Drums, Mike "Bnoc" Bieniecki
Bass/backing vocals, Seth Cardona Guitar.
Mike White writes most of the songs while Eric writes the lyrics.

Everybody has a different story regarding bands that\
got them into hard rock and metal. What were the bands
that first made your ears perk up and say "Wow, this is
the greatest thing I've ever heard?"
Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Pantera, August Burns Red.

Where do you draw your inspiration when it comes to creating new music? What are some favorite
lyrical topics that show up in your songs?
Our musical inspiration comes from all over when we are
writing new material. Usually Mike White will present a riff and
we all brainstorm on what we can do with it.
We aim to present a different vibe for each song.
Ex: Bullets thrash/groove, Aces High pop punk, Joker
Lyrical topics that come up in our songs are usually personal
stories from Eric. Betrayal, Revenge, Depress are some while
we give an inspirational approach with some.
Always trying to make things interesting.

In your opinion, what are the most important elements
to a great metal song or album?

Diversity is a great asset to great metal songs and albums.
Being able to switch it up and keep the listener intrigued all while keeping a
heavy approach. Also good grooves can't beat that right?

What are your thoughts on sub-genres in heavy metal music?
Just an easier way to describe in my opinion. People will come up with crazy sub genre titles and such which makes it a bit
ridiculous, but metal is such a vast genre of music that it almost needs sub genres to help break it up.

Do you currently have any albums available for purchase, and where can people find them?

We do, we released our debut full length album "The Gamble of Life" on November 26th, 2016. You can find it on Itunes,
Spotify, Google Play, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Big Cartel and more.

I know you guys will be visiting my neck of the woods to perform at Finger Lakes Metal Fest.
Any other big shows you're looking forward to, or tour plans in general?

We are very excited to perform at FLMF this year, We do plan on doing some small tour  runs in the summer. (NY, PA, NJ)

What is your local scene like? Any favorite bands to perform with?

Our local scene is pretty cool. Everyone works together as a team to promote and play for the most part.
Although, at times it can feel like high school with genre clicks punk kids with punk kids, metalheads with metalheads and so
on and so forth, but all around I'd say our community is tight knit 90% of the time. Some favorite bands to play with are
Slapjaw, City of Ember, Threatpoint and Earthmouth.
If you could tour or collaborate with any band or artist,
past or present, living or dead, who would it be?

Tour with Slipknot and collaborate on a song with Dimebag no

If you could see any one public figure executed on-stage
(in effigy, of course) by Alice Cooper, who would it be?

Haha thats a good one.
Hmm well currently I would say the "cash me ousside" girl,
but really any trending face that makes this country look more
like an embarrassment everyday...
perhaps Trump in that case as well haha.
Interview by Randy Smith