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The official lyric video of the band "THE CHEESEBERGENS".
The song is called "Tommy Eats Glue"
Meat the band 'THE CHEESEBERGENS" from the L.A. Area of California.
Back in 2016 we did an interview with a very interesting and somewhat
unusual Los Angeles area band called THE CHEESEBERGENS.
See the original interview here)
One of the things that makes this band unusual is that they are a family.
Mother, Father, son and daughter. At the time, the youngest member was not
even 10 years old. Although a lot can change in 4 years, especially since kids
tend to change much faster than parents. But one thing that hasn’t changed is
the fact that this band is just as entertaining as ever. Since the onset of the
whole Covid-19 pandemic they have been posting regular live streams of
living room shows proving this fact. If we were to describe them we would
call them a punk/hard rock band with a great sense of humor
How did it come about for you to decide to do these livestream livingroom shows and did you
intend to make it a regular thing from the start, or did it just grow into that?

As soon as the quarantine started we decided that the livestreams would be a good way to keep our band
going. We intended to make it a regular thing from the get-go, at least until the lockdown on live music
ended. But to tell you the truth, it's kind of a better vehicle for us than our live shows. We don't have worry
about getting people down and we turned it into a variety show kind of format which works really well for us.

Tell us about your new music release.

We released our second album on April 20, 2020. It's called More Cheese Please. It's available on all the
streaming platforms and you can download it for free.  We also have physical product.

If you could choose one song to be the first song that someone would hear from The
Cheesebergens, what song would they hear first?

That would have to be our theme song, Theme from The CheeseBergens. It kind of tells our story so it's a
good introduction for us. That one is the first song on our first album, Do it with Cheese.

How does a family function as a band as aposed to functioning as a family? Do you draw a line or
make a distinction in how you interact?

No, there doesn't seem to be much of a distinction. We pretty much act the same whether we're discussing
band related stuff or not. We argue about band stuff just as we would anything else, ha, ha!

Watching all the livestreams going on these days as bands and musicians make the best of the
situation, many struggle to provide good sound to go with the video. Somehow, you have
managed to provide a decent sound where we can pretty much hear everything without the use
of and visible microphones. Care to share your set up? Any advice for others who haven't
figured it out?

It's really funny you say that because we don't use any mics or special equipment. It's just us and our amps
and a V Kit so I guess our apartment has really good acoustics.  The only thing I can say is, because we live
in an apartment and need our voices to be heard, we keep everything at a reasonable volume. That may
have something to do with it.
Jesse is definitely coming along as a guitar player and he's taking a lot of liberties as far as throwing in riffs and lead bits. Angelica is developing
her persona as a charismatic front woman, even though, upon turning 13, she now acts like she wants nothing to do with us on every other level,
ha, ha! Ides has improved a lot as a drummer. He's even learning some double bass and he's working that into our songs. Marissa is still the
supreme ruler and dictator and she is not planning to give up the throne any time soon.

Back in 2016 we asked Jesse and Anjelica, how their friends have reacted to them being in the kind of band you are in and
especially with their parents? How would You answer this question now?

Jesse has become a bit braver about admitting he's in a band with his parents and he's got a positive response from his friends.

Anjelica is more hesitant to bring it up and every time she does, she's met with an awkward silence. Teenagers, amiright?

(For Jesse and Anjelica) How do you balance social life and band/family life? Do you feel at all as if you have a kind of "double life"
or is it seamless?

Jesse: Well I also play in a metal band called Diabology and when I'm out doing a gig I feel like a rock star. Then when I get back to school it all
seems a bit surreal. I guess you could say the same for CheeseBergens but since it's a family band, it's to less of an extent. Anjelica: I'm a super
secret agent who balances 37 lives at once. This is just another cover.
How was the recording process for "More Cheese Please"? Was it much different from previous releases?

Well we almost murdered each other, the engineer and perhaps a few other innocent bystanders. So yeah, pretty much the

Future plans?

We're trying to get some videos going for the new album. They've been delayed because of COVID but we are finally
coming up with safe ways to move forward. We're also looking forward to getting back to live shows but we'd like to keep the
livestream going so we won't feel as pressured to play as often. We'd also like to start doing some one off shows in nearby
cities and states.

If the world is your canvas, how do you paint it?

Marissa: With nail polish and eyeliner.
Anjelica: With whatever's closest to me.
Ides: Like Jackson Pollock having a seizure
Jesse: With lead paint.

What gear are you using?

A Marshall JCM 900, through a 1960A cabinet, a Fender Hotrod Deville, an Ampeg BA-115 bass amp and a Roland
TD20 V kit through a Roland KC 350 amp.

Since our last interview back in 2016, how has the band evolved? Basically, we are watching those kids
grow and can see the changes over time. How much has their views and contributions changed?