Few bands can say they have been around for over 20 years. In fact, few bands can say they have been around for more
than 5 years. That being the case, Terry Iocco, Kevin Daeffler and David Henninger hold a rare stat, lasting 22 years as a
band called SPATER.
SPATER was formed in Clyde NY in the spring of 1992 by Kevin Daeffler.
Kevin called his long time friend, Terry Iocco to join him in forming a HEAVY
METAL band. They started jamming with local guitarist, Jim Bounds (of
Waterloo NY). Eventually Kevin ran into Dave Henninger at a local mall. He
had seen Dave in another band previously and had actually jammed with him
once or twice. He invited Dave to try out for the band. Dave passed the
audition and SPATER was formed.
In 1994 SPATER decided to part ways with Jim Bounds.
SPATER then added Mark Lusk (of Auburn NY) to the line up as lead
guitarist. But after about a year they parted ways with Mark.
For several years SPATER performed as a three piece band.
That same year Kelly Rittenhouse (of Wolcott, NY) hopped aboard
as a roadie. Over time, through perseverance and dedication, Kelly began contributing artistically to the band and the song writing. He
started out playing glockenspiel and singing back-up. Later, he bought a guitar and started jamming rhythm guitar to add a much needed
filler guitar.
In 1998 they released their first CD album entitled “UNWIPED” which was a compilation of 18 demos, spanning the history of the band at that
In 2000 SPATER was invited to perform for a local television show called “SIGHTS & SOUNDS” which aired on public access cable TV. They
performed 3, one half hour sets for the show. Taking the audio from those three performances, they released their second full length CD
entitled “LIVE ON TV 2000” which featured highlights from the three sets.
intended to be a build up for the next CD that they were in the process of recording at the
In 2002 SPATER released the single “THE BRADY BUNCH” which was a cover song from a
band called STATIC CLING. Kim Dreheim of STATIC CLING appeared as a musical guest
playing lead guitar, Theremin and accompanying vocals. This was a radio only release but
was later included on a couple other releases.
Sadly, on September first, 2002, Kelly Rittenhouse lost his life in an automobile accident. A
very difficult time for the band as he was very much like a brother, a best friend, to each
member of the band. It was devastating. But the band carried on.
Later that year, Tim Rivenburgh (of Clyde, NY) agreed to join SPATER to share lead guitar
In 2004 the first full length studio release (that did not include any demos) was released. An
eleven song CD entitled “FESTERING MEMOIRS”. It was dedicated to Kelly Rittenhouse.
Terry Iocco, Dave Henninger, Kevin Daeffler circa 1995
Terry Iocco, Kevin Daeffler,Dave Henninger, Kelly Rittenhouse
In 2006 the 5 song EP “ATTITUDE” was released as a promo CD featuring some demos, album tracks and one previously unreleased song
which was dedicated to and about the late great Evel Knieval.
In early 2012, as a prelude to the new album, the band released a new 6 song EP entitled “.80 GRIT”.
In May of 2012 the 12 song CD “DESOLATE ENDEAVOR” was released.
In June that year, Tim abruptly parted ways with SPATER without explanation.
The band carried on as a three piece and later that year recorded a raw live album compiling eleven tracks from the last two shows of the
The album was released in 2013 and was called “LIVE N’ LOUD”. It was intially released exclusively for purchase at shows but eventually
became available on
AGE OF SHADOWSIn early 2014, the 6 song EP entitled “FROZEN” was released. this
features a song with " as well as "Jessie Halstead of  
In June of 2014, Dave officially parted ways with Terry and Kevin effectively ending the
Dave Henninger, Terru Iocco, Tim Rivenbergh, Kevin Daeffler
It was 22 years of pure, in-your-face rock and roll!
Many great times were had and a lot of great memories will remain, likely
lasting a lifetime.
Over the years SPATER has rocked a lot of places and people. It wasn't for
the money(there was none). It was for the shear joy of jammin', rippin' it up
in front of people.
In the words of a great friend
(Ranger)Dave Dejohn “ROCK AND FUKIN'
Thank you to all who ever rocked out with SPATER.

The music of SPATER lives on! You can find SPATER on iTunes as well as
Google Play, Amazon, and an assortment of other sites.
Unwiped. 1998
Live On TV 2000. 2000
The Moshpit EP. 2001
Festering Memiors. 2004
.80 Grit. 2012
Desolate Endeavor. 2012
Live N' Loud. 2013
Frozen. 2014