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Meat the Progressive Metal band SOURCE from Boulder, CO.
Watch the official video of "The Insipidness" by the band SOURCE
In this installment of Metal Meat we talk to this
band from Boulder Colorado.
Their Facebook page says the members -
Benjamin Gleason, Justin Mirarck and Riley
Selleck create consciousness based music
through the exploration of philosophy,
meditation, yoga, flotation tanks and other
mindfulness and embodiment practices.
Pretty deep?
We don't really understand all those fancy
words, but we like the music.
The Band Name....How did that come into existence?

When I was thinking about what to name this band I knew it had to be simple and say everything our music represents as concisely as
possible. I was driving and listening to a podcast about the nature of infinity and the speaker kept saying the word "Source". It occurred to
me that Source would make a great band name if it were done right so I just went for it. Looking back 6 years later I have mixed feelings
about the name. I still believe it is a perfect representation of our music. It just sucks for SEO haha. I also have felt that if the word "The"
were included in the name it wouldn't really be the same thing. We aren't "The Source" the source is everything. That's why I start every
show by saying, "We are Source and so are you". It's my friendly reminder that we are all one and we are all part of something massive,
indescribable and totally awesome: experience itself.
When did the band officially originate?

March of 2014 is when the first 3 members of Source first practiced. We learned the
song "Forgiveness" as a band that day.

What was the inspirational factor that drove you to form the band?

I have been playing music all my life. I always knew I was going to be a musician. But
seeing Tool for the first time was the initial impetus for me to form Source. The other
essential experience was attending a Central American medicine ceremony where the
shaman put a guitar in my hands and told me to play it. I said "I don't know how to play
guitar" and he replied, "Yes you do..." After that experience I played guitar everyday for
hours at a time until I felt somewhat comfortable on it. That was the period of time I
wrote lots of material for our first album Return To Nothing.

What inspired you guys to become musicians?

I think the answer is probably different for all of us slightly but ultimately the same. We
love music so much we couldn't imagine doing anything else with our lives.
Is there a certain demographic that you are trying to reach with
your music?

I used to want to get more people into heavy music and inspire more
people to be more self-aware. I sill want that but I think we really need
to get a core following to be able to reach people outside of that
demographic. So the demographic of our core following is people who
are into progressive rock and metal, people who like melodic and
heavy music, people who enjoy art inspired by physical exploration,
self exploration and metaphysical exploration.

Would you please care to share the gear you guys use?

I play Paul Reed Smith Guitars and Amplifiers. PRS is the core of my
tone and it would be pretty hard to replicate my tone without PRS
gear. I use Bare Knuckle Pickups in a lot of my guitars and they are
just spectacular. I'm also endorsed with Catalinbread pedals who
make some of the craziest and most awesome effects known to man! I
play stringjoy strings, which are much higher quality than your
average string for the same price, I highly recommend them. Justin
plays Tama Drums and Paiste Cymbals. He also plays Vic Firth sticks,
Evans heads mostly, Gibraltar hardware and he just got a Nord Drum
3 which will be featured on our new album.
What types of music do you guys like to listen to besides metal?

I'd say we're all super inspired by Indian classical music. It's like a whole other world of music that metal kind of dabbles in but nowhere
near the same. We also love electronic music and Jazz.

If there was any type of problem in the world you could solve, what would that be?

After six months of 2020 I'm going to say ignorance. When I say ignorance I don't mean a lack of education. I mean an inability to listen to
your better self. An inability to follow your heart and an inability to be loving when the world so desperately needs love. Ignorance is
judging other's because they don't agree with you instead of kindly educating them on your viewpoint or just simply ignoring them
(strange how ignoring someone is actually less ignorant than being a jerk online right?). Ignorance is succumbing to fear and hate when
the world is too confusing to understand. We are posed with a grand choice as a species right now: are we choosing love or fear? These
words have been said thousands of times throughout human history and yet we are constantly having to answer this question.
It is because every moment we experience is infused with this question: "Can we accept this?" "Can we love this?" Because ultimately what all of us are
doing here is learning to understand the self and the Meta self. We can't understand the meta self without understanding the self but once we understand
ourselves we begin to see the same patterns play out in the world around us. As above so below. When we choose to love ourselves and accept the world
around us the power we have to change ourselves and the world is immense. That power is unstoppable when magnified by others doing the same work. If
I could change one thing in the world it would be that people see the value in knowing themselves intimately despite how much pain there is inside waiting
for them. The pain, the memories, the trauma will always be there waiting for us until we face it. Facing it is hard, it hurts and we are taught our whole lives
that facing it is wrong. That is a lie my friends. Facing discomfort is the only way to rid yourself of it. And there will always be more discomfort. But in the
understanding of suffering we find a deeper meaning to all that is. That deeper meaning is that unconditional love is the source of all that is. Practice
tolerating unconditional love and see what happens.

Can you please share with us your Discography of Albums you guys put out?

2015 Source EP, 2016 Return To Nothing, 2019 Totality. Our new album "Ethereal Self" should be out late 2020 if all goes according to plan but that
hasn't been happening much lately hahahah.

Do you guys have any recreational activities you participate in outside of your musicianship lives?
Justin and I have been putting a lot of work into our garden recently. He designed and built a greenhouse with the help of our roommate and some help from me too. It's been super cool. My roommate
and I have also been doing Brazilian jiu jitsu on a small mat in my bedroom while our gym has lots of restrictions due to covid. It's been nice to keep training and I've actually learned tons during the break
so hopefully I'm still on track to get my black belt this year.

For each band member individually, what was the first concert you went to in your life?

Justin: The first family values tour: Korn, Ramstein, Lip Bizkit, Ice Cube and Orgy. Jake: Primus at Red Rocks. Ben: Backstreet Boys.... yeah I know.
This interview was done by Anthony Savarese of Auburn New York.
Anthony, AKA
"The Metal Brow" is a DJ for Metal World Radio. His program is called "The Show".