Interview by David Henninger
The fourth song on our first issue of METAL MEAT MAGAZINE CD is a song called "Haulin' Ass" by SIGHT OBSCENE, a
Hard rock/Metal/Doom Metal band out of Richmond, VA.
Matt Lyell - Bass
George Odom - Drums
Nick Lanasa - Vocals/Guitar
How, when did your band get started?

I believe we originated sometime in 2008. At the start, a bunch of us would
get together every so often and jam all night. Over time, we established a
structural unit in the remaining guys that wanted to play more seriously.

How did you come up with the name?
Can you name your biggest influences?
With so many subgenres flying around these days, how you you describe your music?

We like to keep things straight forward and simple. We don't sugar coat anything. We're a Hard Rock/Metal band.

Is there a story behind the song "Haulin' Ass"?

My girlfriend at the time was a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy. The few occasions that I watched it with her inspired me to
recollect on my past of being in rough situations in which I had to get in and out (Haul Ass) as fast as I could.
Do you record your own music or do you go to a studio?

Considering that we're all broke as dirt, we record wherever it is the cheapest. We were fortunate enough to record Haulin'
Do you have a particular  recording method?

I consider us to record in a standard fashion. We lay down the drums to a metronome and me on a backing track first.
Next, Matt or I will establish the rhythm section and layer everything accordingly.  Finally, I attempt to capture my vocals
and lead parts.

How many shows would you say you have under your belt?

Wow, that's a tough one considering I can barely remember what I did last month. If I had to guess, I would assume that we
have played approximately 135 shows since it's origin.
What’s the biggest show you ever played?

As far as a following goes, I feel that opening for Municipal Waste and Saint Diablo were the biggest shows that we've
played. On the other side, we've played at The National, RVA on different occasions to quit a bit larger crowds with "less
popular" bands.