There is a band from Gloucester, Virginia who sent in a song called “Perfect Like You”, which is by my
estimation, one of the most unique and interesting songs that have been submitted so far. In this interview we
exchange questions and answers with Eleanor BeaneSanci of the band SANCTIONED.
Band Members
Eleanor BeaneSanci - Bass
Matthew Spencer - Guitar
Emmet Lounsbury - Vocals
Charles Lynch - Drums
Victor Lounsbury - Guitar
When did this band start?

August 2013

How did it get started?

Lead guitarist Matthew Spencer and bassist/second vocalist Eleanor Beane had been
playing music together since middleschool and eventually the jam sessions grew to include
vocalist Emmet Lounsbury, rhythm guitarist Victor Lounsbury and drummer Charles Lynch.

What kind of music would you say Sanctioned is?

Melodic metalcore with numetal influence

Do you guys have a message?

Not really, we just love music and have fun.
Interview by David Henninger

What can you tell us about the song you submitted "Perfect Like You"?

"Perfect like you" is a song that really showcases the the vocal and rhythm section of the band. It is one of our
earlier songs that we have written.

How does Sanctioned go about creating music/writing songs?

In terms of writing music, we all have different musical preferences and backgrounds. We each have a
different perspective to bring to the table and that makes things interesting. All of us contribute to the writing
process so in the end our compositions aren't inherently one persons or another's.
Who are your biggest influences?
Our biggest influences as a band is a difficult question to answer because we all draw interest from different
styles of music. We all enjoy pantera, killswitch engage and August burns red.

Do you do your own recording or do you hit a studio?

We record at studios.

Do you have a particular songwriting process or formula?

As for a song writing process, it usually starts with a guitar or bass riff. Then we build from there
instrumentally and vocally. But we don't have a strict formula. Many members of the band write things for
other instruments.
(and why)
We are fairly new to the scene but our favorite show would
have to be at the canal club in Richmond. The crowd
energy was amazing.

What are your goals for 2015?

For 2015 we would like to record some of our newer
material and continue playing shows.

Who do you think would win in a cage match, Steven
Tyler or Angus Young?

I think Steven Tyler would win!