In Rochester New York there is a hardcore/ punk (Metal) band called REVIVAL. A very appropriate name for a band who are
sticking to an old school formula and basically giving the finger to all the sheep who like to follow trends. The founding
members of this band, Gina and Matt Dalberth, have had to face a number challenges, not only as music artists, but on a
personal level as well. We salute any musician who would stand up in the face of adversity and make the music they are
passionate about regardless of what life or the industry might throw at them. These are the kind of people who can
overcome it all and will likely be showing how its done for quite a while to come.
Matt Dalberth- Vocals
Gina Dalberth- Guitar
Corey VanCamp - Bass
Alex Perez- Drums
Times” implies a throwback to your influences from old school Hardcore-Punk. Can
you tell us more about what bringing that style of music back into the current times
means to you and the band?

Matt: Gina and I have always loved and listened to hardcore and punk rock around the house
no matter what other projects we were involved with at the time. It always seems to be the kind
of music that has never waivered or changed for me since I discovereved it as a young
teenager, like 900 years ago. Gina had a bunch of great riffs she was working on, so we just
started working together writing songs that gave us the same vibe we got back in the day
hearing this kind of music for the first time. Kind of "reviving" that excitement in music, in
playing; in being in a band and having fun.
You just released your full album in September. What
can you tell us about the process of recording at World
of Noise Studio and Nova Recording Studio?

Matt: Working with Nick Borgosz at World Of Noise was
awesome! Nick is a great guy and not afraid to get super
involved to get the best performances out of the bands he is
working with. In 20 years of playing music, I have never
worked with someone that cares as much as he does about
the final product. Also, there is NO WAY the album would
sound as good as it does without Nick, because he pushed us
all so hard.
Recording part of the vocals at Nova studios in NYC was
amazing as well. Its right on the water in a huge house, and
there are gold and platinum records on the wall, and even Ice
T's director chair from when his band Body Count did a video.
Definitely surreal, and one of the nicest places I've ever been
to. We tracked the gang vocals there with Jerry Farley who
rules, and has become a friend of ours since. Everyone that
came down to do the gang vocals from the NYC area that day
were so fun to hang out with. Can't say enough good things
about either studio, or the people involved there.  

What would you say has been your “biggest break” in the industry so far?

Matt: Gina and I have known Lou Koller from Sick Of It All for a while, and he came down to Nova and did an
awesome guest spot on our track. Hanging out and eating pizza and working on music together in a studio with
someone who's band was inspirational to me picking up a microphone all those years ago in the first place, was
totally a highlight of making this record to me. Sick Of It All shared the track on their page when it was done,
and we got a lot of new people checking us out from all over the world and liking what we do. Thousands of
plays in just a few days. That was pretty cool, knowing we were getting hit up from South America and Europe,
where this music is very big, and also being asked to come play there!

Do you have a favorite venue to play at? If so, why that one?

Matt: We just like to play. We have played on stages with lights and a big PA, and small basements too. As long
as the vibe is cool, we don't care.

Where have you played that was the furthest from home? What is it like playing for a whole new

Matt: Revival have not played shows that much in the past year or so, but now that the record is out, and
everyone in the band is doing better healthwise, we are planning on doing weekenders here and there when
we can, really get out there; maybe do some festivals and such. We are blown away by the positive response
and demand to play more than we can right now, so lets hope we can keep the momentum rolling.

Gina, how have you felt that your experience as a woman in music has been different than your
male counterparts? In what ways has it been similar?

Gina- It's a catch 22. Society puts girls and boys in two totally different isolated boxes very early on in life.
Little girls didn't get toy trucks, and little boys didn't get barbies. That being said, music has been the one part
of my life that has had no bounderies. The hardcore/metal/punk scene is 95% male dominated, so I've
definiteley had to prove myself. I get a lot of back handed compliments from male fans, but I laugh it off. I'm
the only female in the local hardcore scene. So when I plug in on stage and turn heads I hope to keep the
crowds attention with our catchy punk anthems.
I heard you’re a breast cancer survivor and are doing much better now! That
is an accomplishment for anyone, let alone someone who works hard in an up-
and-coming band. How has your battle affected the band or the music?

Gina- I basically did what Angelina Jolie went through. On the edge of full blown breast
cancer, so I had to go through treatments and multiple surgeries to prevent it. It kept
us from recording our album for a whole year. I have some pretty awesome fans that
have kept my spirits high through my struggles. I hit a very dark depression when I
couldn't even pick up my guitar for months. I don't think I would have been able to get
through it without the love and support from my local comunity and family. I keep going
for the music, and the music is what keeps me going.

In an interview with Metal and Hardcore-Punk Girls, you said your goals were
to spread the word about your music. How has the release of your full album
helped you get the word out to potential fans?

Gina- We played it smart. We knew that there was a huge local buzz for our album
release, so to push it one step further we decided to release our music video for our
single "Out of Step with The Times" on our Revival page. That really opened the doors
for new fans from all over the world. It's a great feeling to have people from Japan,
Brazil and Italy message me fan art. It's an undescribable feeling to know that the riffs
that I wrote in my living room have reached people from all over the world. A sucessful
musician is not defined by the money they make from album sales, tshirts or likes on
social media. If my music can give just one person an outlet from their stressful daily
life, then I have accomplished the success of a true musician.

What bands would play in your dream music festival?

Matt: Well since this is a fantasy question, my answer involves using a time machine to grab bands from
different years of their careers: The Smiths circa 1986, Pantera circa 1994, Misfits circa 1982, Metallica
circa 1986, Black Sabbath circa 1970, Black Flag circa 1981, and Van Halen circa 1984. Social Distortion.
Hot Water Music. Tons of random hardcore and punk bands. King Diamond. This list could go on forever. I
realize that line up makes zero sense but hey, you asked lol

Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers that I forgot to ask about?

We are available on all the ususal social media sites, and if you like our music, you can scoop up our full
lengeth record for only $5.00! Come out and see us when we play and say hello.
Interview by Courtney Lindon