How did you come up with the name?

It was a random slip of the tongue that simply seemed to fit the
idea behind the music. We're musical Predators and everyone is
our Prey.

Is there a theme or message to Prey 4 Me and /or the
How long has PREY 4 ME been together?

Prey 4 Me has been an entity since 2008, however the lineup has changed several times
throughout the years. The only original member is Ash, and with her current lineup it's been
the same since about August of 2014.

How did it get started?

Two friends conjuring music in a one bedroom in-law house converted into a studio. They had
a vision, an idea of something that could ensnare not only a listener’s ear, but their very soul.
We promote a very different lifestyle - One with dominance and submission. The music reflects emotion,
passion and a rawness that we live every day in our personal lives. Paddles, chains, bondage equipment are
all very much so a part of our stage shows. Hunting down Prey is a pastime, one that carries over into our

How would you describe your music?
Interview by Dave Henninger
Raw, emotionally driven music you can fuck to.

Can you name your biggest musical influences?

Marilyn Manson, Garbage, NIN, Coal Chamber, Pantera, OTEP, Slipknot, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy,

How would you describe the metal scene in your area.

Lacking, but trying very hard. There is a combination of laziness on the part of both bands as well as the
general public. Getting people to come to a show is difficult, why leave the house when you have life at your
fingertips? (Cellphone, computer, television, etc.) We strive to put on a live show that leaves people craving
another fix. A reason to leave their homes, cast off the technological bindings.

What can you tell us about the song "Pillars of Salt"?

It's loosely based on the concept of the fictional, biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. A more direct
synopsis would be you can never go back, the past is the past nothing you can do. Move forward, don't look

Is there a particular song writing process?
basic sound construct for that emotion we tie in other elements, other instruments, other feelings until we paint a clear picture.
Vocals and lyrics normally are the very last thing to come... We like to create an all-encompassing soundscape so it takes time and
a deep understanding of ourselves and the direction we're trying to go in.

Going back to the beginnings of your metal journey, how did you come into metal? Was there a moment you can recall
that you discovered this was what you wanted to do?

A near death experience sparked a creative need to leave a mark on the world. Metal was simply part of the equation, one of the
many ingredients. We knew it was right when we could feel it flowing through us like pure energy.

How old were you when you discovered metal (Became truly aware)

Metal was always part of life, between a mother and father who both listened to vastly different types of metal it was undeniably
written into the DNA. Early on though the idea of heavy metal wasn’t that appealing… Then the discovery of bands such as KITTIE,
KORN, and Slipknot changed all of that.

Songwriting, recording, playing out, which is your favorite part of being a musician?

The sex of course ;)~ No, but really… The sex. Oh alright, a little of everything else is great too. Recording gives a musician the
chance to really delve deep into their creative side. Playing live though, there is just something so primitive about it. It’s a great
mind fuck.
Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Smoke a blunt, have one drink, conjure the spirits and let them reign.

Everyone who plays out has some kind of experience on stage at some point that they will never forget, good and bad. Can you tell us about your biggest
"OH SHIT" moment while on stage?

Hm. The biggest moment, eh? Well it could have been the time we spanked a moose, or the time we sacrificed a virgin, or that time our bassist cold cocked some jackass with
the edge of his bass… Oh, Oh! What about the time Ash fucked that girl on stage? Hell boys, there are too many to narrow down an exact greatest.
In this interview we exchange Q&A with Ash from Memphis TN based band, “PREY 4 ME”. It of her passions.
From the official Prey 4 Me facebook page;
Female Led Metal - Stitching elements from several genres, Prey 4 Me brings melodic and metal together in a delicate
blend of interesting confusion.
Band Members
Ash - Vocals
Jeremy LaMont - Guitar
Scott Agnew - Bass
Jeremy LaMont - Guitar