From the Philadelphia PA area comes a band with a very interesting and (as they put it on some of their social media sights)
exotic female front.
I have personaly seen this band a few times and I have to say, exotic, indeed.
The band as a whole is very good, very tight and clearly passionate when they are playing and their live show leaves you
feeling like you had fun, even if all you did was stand in one place.
I had an opportunity to talk to the lead singer at a local event called "
She goes by the name Domino Del Sol and on her Facebook page says she is the Lead Gypsy of the band.
I asked if I could interview her band Pool Of Thorns. Ultimately, they agreed to do this interview and you will see that this
band is as interesting off stage as they are on stage.
They did not agree to contribute a song for this article, but thats ok, we can still be friends.
How long has POT been together?

P.o.T. has been together since 2009.

How did it all start?

A story that take's place in the year 2069. It's been 10 year's since the end of the world as we know it. Disease,
famine and war has killed off most of the human race around the world. But in the aftermath, as people banded
together for survival, they started to travel and look for other survivors. In their quest, four musicians found each
other... and became... Pool of Thorns.
Now they travel the remains of America in search of other survivors and bringing them the gift of music.

How did you come up with the name Pool Of Thorns and where you immediately aware of the
connotation of the abbreviated version “POT” or was that part of the plan?

Pool of Thorns was the answer to the question we asked the Ouija board about what our famous band name
should be. The fact that the acronym was P.o.T. was just a bonus. It was not part of the plan, it was fate. ;)

How would you describe your music? Would you categorize it?
We may have a style of our own that people can say is distinct. But what we really love to do instead of playing our style ALL the
time, is play other styles of music that already exist. It's something new that we are trying because we like listening to all types of
music and it's a way for the member's to get out all their creative urges.

What/who were your biggest musical influences?

Tool, Alice in Chains, No Doubt, Evanescence, Janice Joplin... sooo many more it's hard to list all of them.

How many original songs do you currently have?

We have about 12 songs right now but we are signed for a 36 song release so there is allot more coming soon ;)

Tell us your discography.

Even though we have many more songs, we stuck to promoting and touring just this one album for the past seven years to burn it
into peoples brains. Now that we have a three album record deal all of that will change so to answer your question this is our first

Tell us about your songwriting. Is there a process or formula that you follow? Is there a key songwriter?

Normally we like to start off with free-jam session's that we either record or stop when we hear something we like, talk and work it
through and build it musically. Meanwhile, Domino is listening and giving input the whole time singing the melody and then putting
words to it.
What is the biggest show you have performed at?

Well, this answer will change allot starting in Oct. since our
kick off tour starts off in many stadiums around the country
but up till now I would have to say it's a toss-up between a
bunch of different shows since we've been playing for so
many years. Bret Michaels of (Poison), (HED) p.e., Straight
Line Stitch, A Pale Horse Named Death (A band made with
members of Type -O- Negative, Danzig, Lamb of God, and
Life of Agony) and RED LAMB (Ex-Members of Anthrax and
Dave Mustaine)... but in all honesty, random festivals and
Charities that we've played I think were some of the best
and most memorable for us.

Can you tell us the funniest thing you have done or
This was hard to figure out because there really is too many and we had to vote on which one to tell and which one we're
allowed to tell... Between bottles being thrown, band member's getting shot at, me throwing my boots at random assholes and
band members falling into 10 ft bonfires, here's the story we picked that's on the boarder so we can tell it... We volunteered to
play for free at a beef and beer that benefited local fire and police stations in our state. There were about 100 people there
ranging in the age of 18 to 80... Mind you most of them work on the Police force or on the Fire Department. SO... As we get
about two to three songs into our set, for reasons needless to say... Everyone from the age of about 55 to 80 starts leaving the
room. By about the 5th song there was only about 20 people left in the room, all who were going crazy and enjoyed the rest of
our set. It was extra funny because the ones that had left the room periodically would have someone
had (which is true), is that you can't expect an 18 year old and an 80 year old to like the same music... ANYWAY... when all was said and done, we gained 20 new fans, a relatives
of police officers, and a couple police officers themselves) basically in the middle of about 60 cops.

What famous celebrity would you most like to have your band name tattooed on their butt?

I don't know if this count's but I am choosing a dead person and it is Michael Jackson BUTT... (pun intended) ;) it depends on what age he is when he gets the tattoo. They'll have
to change the coloring depending on if he was black or white.
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