Sometimes to be a good band, all you need is one member. Not everyone can manage that. But its not something that hasn't
been done before.
In this interview we talk to a guy that goes by the moniker “The Shez”. No, he’s not a rapper. He is an actual musician that
plays actual instruments and actually sings. His band is called “Operation Neptune Spear”. The song submitted for
inclusion with the article and the next Metal Meat compilation disc was recorded entirely on his iPad, and honestly , it
sounds pretty good.
Operation Neptune Spear
Tell us about yourself. The impression is you are basically a one piece band. How did you come about that?
That's correct we are a one piece band from the bowels of deepest darkest South Yorkshire, England.  Formed in May 2015 to date we
have recorded a 10 track album (Opening Salvo) and a 5 track EP (First World Chaos).
The Shez has been in quite an eclectic range of bands ranging from death metal to 60's pop hence the sounds that we use to assault
your eardrums are a unique blend of many disparate elements.

After being in bands in the local scene for over 10 years the Shez disappeared for a while (some say to find himself, some say he was on
a top secret government mission) but after acquiring an old iPad and a wicked axe he re-emerged to record tracks to melt your face and
challenge your ideals.

Why a one piece band you ask? Well why not? It only takes one man with an idea to ferment a revolution (also do you know how hard it is
to find a good drummer round these parts?)
Assuming that you are one piece, how do you go about the recording

Recording is quite straight forward as a one piece band as you don’t have the
hassle of having to arrange and organise the other musicians. First I work out
the drums and get them to the right tempo etc then out comes the guitar, bass
comes next then once I have some lyrics I prop the ipad up and commence
venting my spleen into it.

Was anyone else was involved in the process?
No one else was involved in the creative or recording processes just the Shez and his Ipad

Do you have a songwriting process?

It usually starts with a riff, I sit down and play the guitar and if I think something sounds good out comes the Ipad, I have a listen back to the basic track, then I write out the
lyrical structure then out comes the ipad again to record the vocals.

What can you tell us about the song you submitted (First World Chaos)?

First world Chaos is basically a commentary on the current political and socio economic climate prevalent in the world today. A song that basically says the working man is
getting a raw deal at the expense of the rich elite while the world is slowly descending into chaos via petty wars and atrocities committed on an almost weekly basis.
Why do you use "Operation Neptune Spear" as a band name. Why not just use "The Shez"?

Honestly would you listen to a track by a band called The Shez sounds a bit obscure to me. As you know
Operation Neptune Spear was the mission launched to kill Osama Bin Laden it's still seen by some as a bit of
a political hot potato and possibly a bit of a taboo subject, I wanted something edgy and as most of our stuff is
political in content the name seemed apt. We also wanted something that if played on radio would leave the
presenter thinking did I just say that.

How long have you been a musician and what inspired you to become a musician in the first place?

I started playing the guitar when I was around thirteen. My Dad played guitar and always had music on and I
got into rock quite early. When everyone else was listening to plastic pop in the playground at school I was
round the corner with some GNR on my Walkman.

The recordings we have heard sound quite good considering you are using an iPad instead of a
full studio. Have you ever used a full studio in the past? What would you say are the advantages
and disadvantages of each?

I have recorded numerous demos in studios with previous bands I have played in.
The main advantage of a studio is the overall production sounds a lot better and you are able to tinker with
the sound. As has been shown you can record anything professionally and make it sound good. Main
disadvantage is the cost for most musicians. With the iPad if you have it with you, your guitar and Irig you can
record anywhere (within reason just don't try it in the middle of your local museum). It's quick and it's easy the
main disadvantage is the sound quality isn't the greatest and the mixing options are super limited

Are you mainly a studio musician now? Or do you perform as "Operation Neptune Spear" or with
any other bands or projects?

Just IPad based at the moment however I if I could rustle up a few like minded musicians I would love to get
Operation Neptune Spear out gigging. I recently recorded some vocals for a friend of mine another one man
project called SLaM and I was involved in a project last year called Blackavar. I'm always up for a bit of

What bands or musicians were your greatest influences?

Hmm Metallica, Guns and Roses, Rage against the Machine, Sepultura, Machine Head,The Beatles,
The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel (yes really they wrote some cracking stuff), The Haunted, Cannibal Corpse, Oasis and the Stone Roses to name but a few there are so many
bands/musicians that have had an impact on me that it’s hard to name just a few.
What are your future plans (musically)?

Well hopefully I can get a full band together and get some actual studio time.

I won’t stop making music in some form or other that’s for sure. It would be great if Operation Neptune could get a break and reach a wider audience play some festivals and
possibly inspire some future musicians (hey if a guy with an Ipad can do it anyone can).

If Donald Trump were to write lyrics for a band, what kind of band do you think he would write for?

Honestly I think he would be great at rap he could write about his riches and other associated assets. I can see him rolling down Rodeo in his Hummer dripping in gold chains.