Detroit Michigan is probably THE US city most recognized by famous rock artists over the last 40 years as being a rockin’ town.
It has reputation for its rabid fans of every genre of rock and roll (and yes kids…believe it or not, Metal is a version of rock and roll).
Here we have a band called M-102, a four piece Thrash band from the Eastside of Detroit.
So, first up, what's the story behind your band name, M-102, and who came up with it?

Our bass player Gary said Metal should be a college class, they should call it metal 101 or how bout
M-102. Meaning later turned to 8 mile rd "M102" which is The Dividing Line between Detroit and the
burbs. Found out later M102 is also a portable cannon, which we now use in our merch line.

How long has the band been together, and has your line-up been fairly consistent since it's
Came together as a four piece in the fall of 2013. Although
we did jam with Dan Lyjak of Dragsaw Detroit for a minute,
we remain the same four.
What are some of the bands or artists that got you influences?

Anthrax, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer and Iron Maiden.

Considering the long, glorious history that Detroit has for rock
music in general, what's the scene like in the Motor City these
days? Any other bands from the area you'd like to recommend?

The area is full of great local talent, you can catch a good show on most
weekends. Dragsaw Detroit, Hate Unbound, In His Image, Distant
Descend, A.S.S., Society Hostile to name a few.
How many releases does the band have to it's credit, and where can some of these be found?

We released our 9 track debut cd The Dividing Line in the spring of 2015. Available thru and our
M102 band page. You can listen for free at Reverbnation/M102. We also have videos and a proshot video for our
song Realize.

We'll be featuring the track "Realize" in conjunction with this interview. What can you tell us about
the song?

Going thru the worst possible times when you Realize you're not crazy the situation is.
What are some of the bands favorite lyrical topics, and where do you draw the most inspiration from?

Life mostly. Reality as seen through our Mindz Eye.

Have you opened for or toured with any national acts? If so, who were they, and who were some of
your favorites? Given the opportunity, who would you most like to play or tour with?

We have opened for Crowbar, Prong, S.O.D. and Primer 55. If given the chance any one of these bands we
would love to go on the road with. Slipknot, System Of A Down, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God.

What plans does the band have in the coming months?

We are set to hit the studio again this winter with regional shows starting in April 2016.
How did you decide on guitar as your instrument of choice, and how long have you been playing? Who was/were
your main influence(s) when it came to guitar players? Do you play any other instruments?

I started playing guitar in 1988 after I realized singing was not my game. Band wise, I was into Thrash and hardcore from an early
age. Suicidal DRI SOD. Guitar wize Scott Ian Anthrax and Spike Cassidy from DRI are my main influences but Randy Rhoads is
probably my all-time favorite. I do play the bass sometimes and try to dabble with the drums.

Regarding your recent release, The Dividing Line, where and when was it recorded? Who produced it? What was
the overall recording process like for the band?

We recorded from Jan through Feb of 2015. Recording the drum tracks at the M-102 Bunker, located inside the Hive Colony in
Warren Mi. The guitar, vocals and bass were recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Mike Hoggard at his studio in
Chesterfield Mi.
The overall recording process was amazing. We did the drum and bass tracks in a couple hours each respectively.
Interview by Randy Smith


Ray Miles-Drummer
Gary Bargy-Bass
William Billistik
Squirm Diggler-Guitars
What are some of your favorite songs on the album, and which ones are your favorites to play live?

Realize and Brick In The Face are probably the faves off the CD but Mindz Eye and House Of Pain are the funnest (sic) to play live.