along one simple message "Live life with passion". A message we like.
Kysmet (pronounced: kiz-met), taken from the Chinese proverb of "A kismet day" meaning "Everything in the universe is as it should be."
In this interview they talk with our own Ashley Eisenhauer.
Interview by Ashley Eisenhauer.

Bass: Chris Kelley
Guitars/vocals: Stephen Hancock
Guitar: Michael Madrid
Drums: Anthony San Pietro

New lead vocalist TBA upon the release of their
next album this fall.
When did you guys form, how did you meet and what made you decide to start the band?

The band originally formed in 2005 as just a band of high school buddies.
Around 2007 we started to take it seriously by actively looking for shows and release a couple 3-4 song
demos until we went on hiatus in 2013.
We got back together by merging Kysmet and our buddies in Wicked Martyr, who we had helped get their
foot in the door and brought with us onto as many shows as we could, and went under the name
Wicked Kysmet until we realized the impact we had on our scene as Kysmet.
So we decided to just carry on with the band name in late 2013.  As we've grown and really became serious
with trying to pay the bills with this we've taken more pride in ourselves, our music and what we believe in.
Now I'd say the reason for us being a band is to 1. Help bring the independent music community back together
and keep it strong by doing things ourselves and helping out our brothers and sisters.
The meaning behind the band has evolved and become more personal to our beliefs.
The name comes from the Chinese proverb of "a kismet day" meaning everything in the universe is as it should
And our 2nd album is title "Fate Will Find You" which has been our "tag line" since about 2013 which has a
duality meaning to the term.  It holds 2 meanings to us, 1 being a very optimistic one in which what you put
into the world you will get back.  For example, if you are a genuinely good person with good morals, ethics
and work your ass off and sacrifice,
Fate will find you and reward you.  The flip side of it is a more vengeful and consequential meaning.
If you are a horrible person with bad motives or have a habit of screwing people over Fate will find you.

I really got a kick out of your guys music video for Arrow to the Knee.  And the song is really heavy as
What is the meaning behind the song, and what brought up the idea for the music video? It looks like
it was a ball to film.

Thank you!  Despite our serious meaning and message we also have a very comical side to us haha.
Arrow to the knee is literally written about the main story line to the video game Skyrim.  
For the video we wanted to be as obnoxious and over the top as possible and the dudes who made the
video really helped us achieve that level of slapstick. I guess you could say it was our way of paying homage
to Spinal Tap and our way of making ourselves look ridiculous.  Who better to poke fun at than yourself right?

For the song recording process, do you guys go to a studio or do you record everything yourself?

We go to a studio.  Currently doing our new stuff with a close friend in Fredericksburg, VA.
We record demos and work the kinks out of a new songs by recording on whatever is accessible at rehearsal
like a phone, go pro cam or laptop.

What is your guys process for writing songs?

We have a few different methods.  Sometimes one of us will present a fully written song,
sometimes it's just a couple riffs that fit well together, sometimes it's a full on collaboration where we're
bouncing ideas off of each other and sometimes it's just jamming and seeing what comes together.
We try to keep it eclectic, helps keeps the songs from sounded to much a like.

When was your first show together as a band and what was the experience like?
too much.
But we did use to wear make-up so I'm sure it looked and sounded
But to us it was a fun way to break the ice.  The first show since
coming back from hiatus and having the reformed band our first
show was for Project Independent which is a national showcase
that was broadcasted on the web and averaged a couple hundred
thousand viewers (not sure what the exact count was for us).  
Probably one of the most important shows we've ever played.
Ever since that show specifically we've Haha, the very first Kysmet
show was a house party.
We had been riding a lot of momentum despite all the curve balls that
have been thrown our way.

What bands are some of your guys biggest influences?

Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Pantera, Mudvayne,
As Blood Runs Black, Trivium, Bleeding Through, All That Remains,
Unearth, It Dies Today.  There's a bunch haha

Have you guys opened for any national bands yet, if so which
one(s), and if not, who would you like to open for?
Oh man...long list. We've opened for Mudvayne, Mushroomhead, Nonpoint. Hed p.e., In This Moment, The Bunny The Bear, God Forbid, The Haunted, Eyes Set To Kill,
Blind Witness, Bonded By Blood, Daath, Dr. Acula, Diecast, EOTO, Hunzel Und Gretyl, I Declare War, MetLife, Lionheart, Polkadot Cadaver, Scale The Summit.
Six Feet Under, Straight Line Stitch, The Browning, Threat Signal, Thy Will Be Done, ...I'm sure theres more haha. I'm sure we'd all be stoked to open for any of
the big 4, (metallica, megadeth, slayer, anthrax. Slipknot or killswitch engage would be cool too. Haha

What are some goals you guys have as a band for the rest of2015?

Finish our 2nd album. Do some tours and hit some familiar places and new ones.
KYSMET = Fun in a photoshoot...we think...