hi my name is  wOrm,and welcome to my world!!  what is it you
ask? im an old school metalhead,and a diy-abstract-free form
artist/noise musician,and i do a old fashion printed fanzine  
called A WORMHOLE yes i  love heavy metal,and the
underground plus the local music scene,but there is more to
that,and i am not a beer drinking pot smoking party my ass off  
douche bag i am not a asshole,but too most people i am.. i call it
like i see them,and if you suck! you suck! its my world,and if you
like it thats  great,if not i dont  care as i still have that old punk
attitude of F*** you!! so if you feel like to continue reading please
sit back,and take a trip inside of a worm.........
Music by WORMHOLE (Keith Wormuth)

i fucking  hate download,and i wont  do it!!!  so all  you bands that have
bandcamp,or  facebook,or  any other  site that  have downloads  fuck  you!!!!  
i know  how the  scene has  changed over the years,and yes its  easier  to  
have a web page so  people can  see what you are up too,and to  get your
new releases  and ticket for your  show and what not  but  i am a old school
guy,and know how  hard it  was back in the day .....  but I  would rather  
go,and  buy  something,or get something  like  a cd or a record,or even a cas
tape of  your  music,than  to go online,and chick a  site..... i know that  
suck,and i may be gay for  saying it,but  its  better with you can hold a piece
of music in your hand or  pick up a piece of  paper  like a music paper,or a
zine  to have it,and to listen to it,or to read it... i like that  sorry for being a dick
but  i know how hard it  is  to  put something  together,and  the joy of having
people enjoy  what you created.....  the problem with downloads,and webzine  
is its  easy to do,and you can  share it with the world.. but  there no work
being  done its just a chick away,and  no  $$$  is being exchanged....  music  
CREATING  WHAT YOU  DO.......  support  your local music/record stores,and
newspaper,and  fanzine  stop chatting online,and pick up something..........  
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