In Utica New York there is a band called INHUMATUS. They consider themselves to be a progressive death metal band.
Their Facebook page distcription says they play "Extreme music without boundaries."
It also says they formed in 2012, drawing heavily from early technical death metal as well as more contemporary and progressive influences.
Rick Horton, one of our top interviewers and co-host of the second longest running radio show of it kind called "
The Metallic Onslaught"
has taken a particular liking to them and took advantage of the oportunity to interview them. Representing the band is Josh Joseph, the guitarist.
Chad Albright-
Josh Joseph-
Alex Zalatan-
How long has Inhumatus been a band?

Inhumatus came together in the fall of 2012. Alex and I had known each
other for a few years, at the time both of us were separately looking for
other musicians interested in extreme metal but neither of us were having
much luck. I decided to approach Alex about jamming on some song ideas
and we came to the conclusion that it made sense to join forces and start a
new project together. After we started developing material it was clear that
we needed a vocalist. Knowing Chad for many years, I knew he was the
man for the job. As soon as he heard the music we were working on he
came onboard and the rest is history.
Is it strange for you guys to play with out a bass player?

At this point we are so used to playing without a bassist that it doesn't seem strange to us at all. If anything, it
has forced us to be tighter and develop as big of a sound as possible with just one guitar and drums.  We have
been continually searching for a bassist, it would really do the songs justice and add a whole other dimension
to our live sound. If anyone out there is interested, please get a hold of us!

How can people get your music?

We have physical copies of our EP "Terran Genocide" available for $8 at live shows. If you would like one
shipped, contact us at or by email,
The EP is also available as a digital download for $6 on our Bandcamp page,

Tell me about the song you guys picked out for METAL MEAT.

"Systematic Indoctrination" is the first song on our EP "Terran Genocide". Musically, it's a pretty full
representation of our sound, ranging from brutal death metal to progressive rock influences. Lyrically, it's the
first song in our sci-fi based "Terran Genocide" trilogy. "Systematic Indoctrination" represents extra-terrestrials'
controlling of the human mind, "Erasure" represents the destruction and genocide of the human race and
"Existence Denied" is the final chapter representing the extra-terrestrials' reclaimation of our planet.
Were you in other bands before this one?

Chad and I have been in numerous bands together over the years, the most notable was a technical death
metal group called Terrestrial Sphere. In many ways the Inhumatus material is an evolved version of what we
were doing back then. Alex has also played in a number of bands, most recently Cymatics, which currently lives
on as his personal technical death metal studio project.

Who writes the music in the band?

Everyone in the band contributes something to the music. The songwriting process starts with me. Generally, I
begin by coming up with a number of riffs and an idea of where I would like the song to go. Once I have written
all of the riffs and organize the song structure, I present it to Alex at practice and he begins to craft his drum
parts. Usually I will suggest to him what each part of the song is intended to be, like a breakdown for example,
but after that he writes all of his own rhythms and fills. During this process we bounce ideas back and forth and
will make adjustments to the song as needed. Once we have it solid enough to play through Chad comes in,
figures out his vocal patterns and pens his lyrics.
How did you come up with the name of the band and what is the meaning behind the name?

Inhumatus means "unburied" in Latin. Our goal was to find a unique name that hasn't been taken, sounds
"metal" and doesn't restrict us to any given musical style or subject matter. I think we were successful.

What bands have you played with before?

We've had the fortunate opportunity to play with a number of great bands in various cities. Here are some of
our favorites in no particular order: Vile Tyrant, Tentacles, Order of the Dead, Incontinence, Gutted Alive,
Enthauptung, Start the Reactor, Sapremia, Foaming at the Mouth, Tyranize, Mortal Decay, Psytoxia, Spire,
Fuck the Facts, Infernal Thorn...

What made you get into playing music?

We come from different backgrounds but we all started out as avid music fans. Everyone in the band is
extremely creative and I think the desire to pick up an instrument stems from that. Luckily we were also gifted
with the talent to make those creative ideas a reality.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you playing a show?

Amazingly, we haven't experienced anything too "weird" at one of our shows yet. We did have a pit break out
during one of our faster, blastbeat-driven parts once. That was rather strange.
INHUMATUS EP "Terran Genocide"
All live photos in the article taken on May 16, 2015, by Ashley
Eisenhauer Photography for Finger Lakes Metal Fest.