It seems kind of ironic that Florida, the sunshine state, is home to some of the darkest and most brutal bands on the planet.
In this article we have Randy Smith from the radio show "The Metallic Onsluaght" throw a handful of questions at the band Impurity, a
long-standing death metal powerhouse from the city of Gainesville FL.
Though the line up for this band has changed a lot over the years, going back to 1998 acording to their website, we are pretty sure the mission
has remained the same. To kick ass, take names and leave a mark
Damian Scott (Vocals)
Mike Lindenmuth (Guitars)
Mike Shaw (Drums)
Darby Salter (Bass).
Interview by Randy Smith
First of all, thanks for your song submission! What can you tell us about your track, "Hate The Flesh,
"Hate the Flesh..." one of our newer ones. As with most of our songs, it's related to battles and war. Jeremy
Caldwell wrote the music for that one and our drummer, Mike Shaw, did some backing vocals on it.

How long has the band been together, and has the lineup been fairly consistent since your initial

We formed in October of 1998. As for our lineup, no, it hasn't remained consistent at all, haha. I am the only
remaining founding member of the band. Our guitarist, Jeremy, joined around 2003. The the two Mikes joined
several years back, and our bassist, Darby, has been with us for a couple of years
now. The lineup has changed many times over the years, though. For various reasons.

What are some of the things you draw musical/lyrical inspiration from?
taught as a kid. I was raised in the eastern Indian culture (but here in the
U.S.). Myself and some other kids my age were taught a lot of the Indian
mythology at an early age. Those stories get pretty bloody and are plenty
violent. Suffice to say there was no shortage of material I was fed for my
future metalhead mind.

Who in the band is responsible for music/lyrics? What are some of
your favorite lyrical topics?

I write all of the lyrics for the songs. As for the music, I share the
song-writing with Jeremy (the guitarist) and Mike Shaw (the drummer). We
all share the musical composition duties. One of the most common themes
in our music and lyrics is war. Battles, conflicts....whatever you want to call
it. Generally in the context of mythological stories, or stories inspired by
mythology, we tend to put forth an atmosphere of impending doom and
general chaos. In that sense, our music and our lyrics share a similar "feel".

Good question. I'm sure not everyone agrees on this. Actually, I used to have a different opinion about how a
song structure should or shouldn't be composed. I used to be against repeating riffs. I guess that was the
rebel in me. Back when I handled all of the song writing (prior to 2007), I made it a point not to repeat riffs. I
think I broke that self-imposed rule from time to time, but only rarely. Now, I have come to understand that
there needs to be some amount of structure in a song in order for it to be conveyed properly. I now realize
that having certain elements of structure such as filler material, foreshadowing, chorus, and things like that
aren't conformist ideas. Rather, they enable the music to realize its full potential. The way the human mind
and memory works actually makes it somewhat vital to follow some basic structures. The same goes for writing
novels and such. Other than that, I'd say anything goes. As long as it's aggressive. If it's not aggressive, it's
not death metal. I'm not trying to be elitist here. Using labels doesn't bother me. If it's not aggressive it's not
death metal, but that doesn't mean it's not METAL. For example, almost all of Summoning's material is not at
all aggressive, but to me, it's still very much metal music. Make sense?
As of now, how many albums have you released, and where can people find them to purchase?

To date we've released a promo, two EPs and an LP. Only one of the EPs (Unearthly Affinity) is actually still in circulation. All
of the original copies that were printed by Nuclear Winter are sold out, but you can still find copies online. The same with the
LP (Of Lust and War). As far as I know, all of the copies printed by Butchered Records are sold. You can still find that online
as well, though. Our coming full length, "Reign or Ruin" will be available really soon. Hopefully we'll get plenty of them printed
so we can have more of our stuff out there in circulation soon.

The Florida death metal scene is said to be highly competitive. What are some of the things you've had to do to
keep your bands name out there, and keep your fans coming back for more?

I wouldn't say it's all that competitive. That would've probably been an accurate assessment a while back. The Central Florida
death metal scene used to be formidable. It's gotten a bit stagnant since then. Still, though, if a band doesn't work to promote
themselves, it goes without saying that they won't get noticed. We put a lot of effort into putting on good live shows. The
response we get from those is always quite good. I think that if a band can impress an audience with a live performance, that
says a lot. It's always fun blowing people's assholes out with a brutal show, hah!
If so, what acts were they, and who were some of your

Yes, we've played with quite a few established bands. To
name a few---Deicide, Amon Amarth, Malevolent Creation,
Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage, Disgorge (the US one)...
that's just some of them. They were all fun to play, but the
Deicide show was in front of a pretty big crowd, so that was
one of my personal favorites.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences, any
genre, not necessarily metal? Who/what are some of
your biggest non-musical influences?

I'm speaking for myself here, but I'd say my biggest musical
influences would be Bolt Thrower, Suffocation, Dissection,
Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Incantation, Immolation,
Burzum, Summoning, Broken Hope... The list goes on and
NEED to create---that never ending drive to do what artists do is one of the biggest things that keeps me moving forward with
making music.
Who was your gateway band/artist? By this, I mean the band/artist that first got you interested in metal.

Some of the first metal albums I was introduced to included early Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies. Shortly after that, I heard Deicide's "Legion" and Bolt Thrower's "The IVth
Crusade". Those were a couple of albums that really blew me away.

If there really is a Rock N' Roll Heaven, who are you most looking forward to jam with when your time finally comes? Not that there's any rush, of course!

Hmm... perhaps Dissection with Jon and the rest of the lineup from Storm of the Light's Bane. That would be fun. Heaven is not very "brutal" though, so I'm definitely not going