Rochester New York is another, though lesser known, breeding ground for metal bands of all variaing forms, from
punk/metal, progressive, symphonic all the way to the darkest death metal, and all points in between.
Gutted Alive is one band from Rochester who are making a mark and drawing attention. With a new album out and
momentum picking up, these guys are on a roll.
"Metallic" Rick Horton threw a few questions at them this past summer.
How long has Gutted Alive been around as a band?

We’ve been a band since December 2012. We started with Jay and I (Ryan) in October 2012 and were able
to get Brandon and Mike on board shortly after.

Who does the writing in the band?

Usually Jay or Mike will come up with a few good riifs at home and bring them to practice. We then build off
that and everyone has a say from there out. Luckily we all have the same mentality when writing so we hardly
ever have to get rid of anything.

What bands have you done shows with? Who would you like to tour with?
Lead Vokills: Ryan Michael
Drums: Brandon Graves
Guitar and Vox: Jason Acquilano
Bass: Michael Sloma
Locally we've done the most shows with Abdicate and dream
tour for us would have to be with Cannibal Corpse.

How does your newer material differ from your older

Our newer music is more mature in its flow. There is more
ups and downs. Its still straight forward blast heavy death
metal but we've stepped up our groove parts considerably.

What inspired you to start playing music?

For me music has always been an escape and excuse to
have a good time with friends. I think that inspires me to keep
doing it, its a lot of fun!
How can people purchase of your music?

We have a merch store located at http://guttedalive.

Where can people find you on the web?

Were on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram currently.

How did you guys get the deal with CDN Records?

Craig from CDN Records messaged our band page a few
days after we released our first single, Force Fed Acid. I
had just posted it to a few death metal blogs and
Facebook groups and luckily he saw it!

Tell us about the song you picked out “Consumed“.

Well first off it's the title track of our album. We figured
with most of the album being tales of torture and murder
that the people involved were "Consumed" by their own
inner carnage or literally consumed by the carnage that
others inflicted on them. We felt it was an appropriate
song and album name to sum everything up.
Interview by Rick Horton.