Heavy metal comes in many different styles, which is why we have what seems to be an uncountable amount of sub
genres, which, we won‘t get into at this time.
It also comes in many different, speeds, tunings, types of people, you name it. But there is one thing that remains the
same across the board, no matter what kind of metal you are talking about. That common thing we are referring to,
according to the dictionary is, quantity or power of sound, the degree of loudness. Volume. Metal is the loudest form
of music in the world. It’s not for everyone.
Here we talk to members of a very loud band from Rochester New York. Their music philosophy is “Tune Low, Play
slow (But not too slow)”. Their music has a nice old school groove with riffs that bring to mind bands like Black
Sabbath and maybe even Clutch. Kind of stoner rock, but a little different. We consider them metal, period. The band
is called FOX 45.
Interview by Rick Horton and Dave Henninger
How and when did Fox 45 get started? How did each band member come to be in the band.

Fox 45 came into being in February of 2013 in Amanda's garage when Amanda and Vicky hung out and jammed
some tunes together for the first time. Different members have come and gone over the years, including a slew
of drummers and our longtime guitar player, Pauline. Each lineup change has served to evolve the band's
sound to the next level.
The lineup as it exists now has been in place since October of 2016 and we're in the studio at this very moment
working on the band's second full length album which is the first album with the current lineup.

Your album "Ashes of Man" has been out for awhile now. How has the response been for that album?

Consistently well, we’ve even sold some vinyl and merch online to other parts of the world that we didn’t even
know existed! It’s always electrifying to know we have such a variety of people listening to our music.

You have had a chance to tour a few times now. How has the crowd response been for the shows
you've done so far?

Pretty rad, we’ve been lucky to play alongside some great bands.(Black Road (Chicago), Weedeater (North
Carolina), Doctor Smoke (Ohio), Heavy Temple (Philly), Youngblood Supercult (Kansas), Heavy Traffic
(Brooklyn) Monolith Wielder (Pittsburgh) Doomstress (Texas), Book of Wyrms (Virginia) ).
It’s nice to return to a city where people remember us and enjoy the growth they have seen from our previous
Casey Learch - Amanda Rampe - Vicky Tee - Nick Walter
Stephen S Reardon Photography
Going back to your beginnings, how and when did each
of you come into playing the instruments of choice?

Vicky started playing the guitar a little after high school and
tried out different kinds of bands (including reggae) before
finding her true calling in groovy stoney riffs.

Amanda got her first guitar at the age of 13 and played for
years in different bands before the theme of never having a
reliable bass player became too clear. She picked up a bass
around age 16 and never looked back (although she still
dabbles with guitar sometimes).

Casey began playing drums in her early teens with
aspirations of having a kick ass riot girl band with her best
friend Becky. But life went as it did and instead of having a
band to call her own, she got her chops by tearing it up at
various open jams and gaining experience with all different
players of different styles and abilities. When she heard Fox
45 was looking for a drummer, she knew she'd finally found
her band.
Nick has played guitar at this point for the better part of 26 years. He's currently in 3
other bands (Forevers, Muler, Pink Elephant) but somehow finds time to riff with Fox 45
of a guitar player on short notice, but after a couple of tours he decided to stick around.

If each of you can describe how you came into the world of metal, that would be

That's a tough question. I think for all of us there were those heavy bands that we heard
for the first time and were like "oh! music can be heavy and angry too!".

Amanda, some of those early bands were Kittie, Arch Enemy, Walls of Jericho, and
others like that which then led into discovering the earlier bands that influenced all of the
heaviness to come.

Casey had a very similar journey as far as bands, which is part of what makes our rhythm
section hang together like it does.

Nick comes from a more grunge perspective that included bands like Melvins, Seaweed,
and Mudhoney that while not exactly "metal" are heavy as hell.

Vicky came from more of a punk background, really digging bands like Bad Brains and

Everyone of course has a lifetime love of the classic heavies like Black Sabbath, Led
Zeppelin and more.

Is there a particular theme or philosophy that defines the band?

Tune low, play slow (but not too slow).

What would be a dream tour for the band?

Psycho Las Vegas, the world, and maybe the universe
What can you tell us about the songwriting process in this band?

The songwriting process in this band is very collaborative. Generally one person will come in with a riff and show it to the rest of the
band. We jam it for a little while, make suggestions to each other, and somehow it turns into a song. Generally, Vicky tends to be more
of the creative force coming up with sick riffs and cool grooves, where Amanda will be more of the organizing force of putting all that
creative energy into a structured format. However that's not a rule and Nick and Casey are always part of the process as well. Casey
actually came up for the riff for "Coup De'Twat" on our last album, and Nick wrote an entire song for the upcoming album. We're not
strict about how the work gets done; whatever best services the riffs and grooves.

Tell us about the track you chose for this article.
"Soul Gourmandizer" - a song about the book “The Dragons of Eden” by Carl Sagan

You are currently working on your second full-length album. What can you tell us
about that?

It incorporates songs that we've played out on tour as well as a few that have never been
heard before. We are stoked to be at More Sound Recording Studio in Syracuse New York,
working with Andrew Greacen on it. He did an awesome job working with us on Ashes of
Man, so we had no doubts that we would return for this next release. More details on the
album will be coming soon. For up to date info on upcoming shows and the new album,
everyone should follow us on Facebook at
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