METAL MEAT contributer Randy Smith (AKA; Wulfie), co-host of syndicated radio show "THE
METALLIC ONSLAUGHT", conducted this interview with black/thrash metal band FORESHADOW
from Tampa Florida. They are the winner of 2014
IMEA award "Best Metal Group".
Track 6 on the first issue of METAL MEAT compilation CD is called "The Meaning of Life".
McConaghy - Vocals,
Christopher Billingsley - Bass,
Jon McDonald - Drums
How long have you been together as a band?

Aaron: We just turned seven years old.

How did the band come together?

Aaron:  Foreshadow began in January 2008 by the original drummer
and myself.  We were in a different band together, and wanted to move in a new direction.

Name some gateway bands or artists, meaning those who got you interested in rock and metal

Jon: Black Sabbath, Rush, and Diary of a Madman era of Ozzy Osbourne. Tommy Aldridge was my first
inspiration to play double bass.

Maggot: Black Sabbath and Nasty Savage inspired me to pick up a bass.  Combination of metal and blues is
very influential to my style.

Dan: Elvis Presley, Black Sabbath, and Pantera. Elvis Presley immediately spoke to me.
Everyone in my family isn’t an Elvis fan, and the first time I hear him I got hooked.
Hearing Black Sabbath turned me to the dark side of music.  The darkness of the lyrics had me captivated.
It’s Pantera, need I say more.

Aaron:  Slayer and Iron Maiden were the two bands growing up that I was obsessed with.
Both bands really know how to work a crowd and put on amazing shows.

What bands/artists were the primary influences for Foreshadow’s sound?

Aaron:  All metal music, there is so much different styles and great bands.  We are inspired from everyone from
Slayer, Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquility, and Morbid Angel.  Just to name a few.
How did each member come about their instrumental choice, and was it your first choice for an

Maggot:  I was going to be a drummer originally, before I became a bass player.
There wasn’t a bass player in my friend’s band, so I filled the gap.

Jon: Since the time I was five all I wanted to do was play the drums.
I started learning with a drum pad practicing rudiments.
I just played on a rubber pad until I was 12.  My parents got me my first drum kit from a sears catalog.

Dan: Being a vocalist wasn’t my first choice.
I really wanted to play guitar.  Since there wasn’t a shortage of guitar players, I went for being a vocalist.

Aaron:  Being a guitarist is what I have always wanted to be.
When my dad bought the Randy Rhodes Tribute Album, I couldn’t get enough of it.
All I wanted to do is play guitar.
Would you say your local music scene is more or less metal-friendly, and how do you feel you stack up to some of your peers in
Maggot: Tampa is the death metal capitol in the world.  There is a lot of talent here. We are very competitive.

What can you tell us about the song “The Meaning Of Life”?

Dan: It is a song that speaks to everyone that doesn’t have their dream job.  It is about putting up with what you have to do instead of what
you want to do.

Have you performed with any national acts, and if so, who were your favorites?

Aaron:  We have, we played with Dying Fetus, Mushroomhead, Taproot, Head P.E., Psychostic, Lord Dying, Howl, and TYR.
Are there any fun road stories that you’d like to share?

Dan: When we played in Bogota, Colombia, the crowd was taking so many flash pictures that I almost fell off the
stage.  I was blinded by the light of the flash.

Aaron:  We were in Paute, Ecuador.  We were in the hotel bored the night before our gig.  We were drinking on
the balcony, and a couple of guys walked by on the street.  They looked up and recognized us, invited us to
come down.  They were heading to a party on the other side of town.  We left the hotel room and followed them
to the party.  I drank a lot of rum and mysterious homemade booze out of plastic sprite bottles.  One of the
guys we were hanging with is a graphic designer.  He wanted to show me his work.  We got to his office, and I
sat down at his desk.  He was showing me some awesome art work.  Out of nowhere I just hurled all over the
guys desk and computer.  They kicked us out and took us back to our hotel.
Elvis Presley still be the King Of Rock N’ Roll?

writer, but he didn’t have the excitement on stage that Elvis

Maggot:  Elvis would still be the King of Rock’N’Roll.

Dan: Hands down yes, and I will throw down over that

Aaron:  Little Richard to me is the true king of Rock ‘N’ Roll.
“The Meaning Of Life”