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Meat Ty Asoudegan. Guitarist of the band Fastride
Watch the official video of "The Insipidness" by the band SOURCE
In this installment of Metal
Meat we talk to Guitarist
extraordinaire Ty Asoudegan
of the band FASTRIDE about
his band's newest music, his
gear and thoughts about the
current goings on in the
music world.
Watch the official video of "Canyon Kings" by the band Fastride
Looking at your playing style and feel, it must have taken quite a bit of dedication to your craft to get to the
skill level that you are at. Did you take lessons? Self taught? What was your practice regimen (if there truly is
such a thing) when you started out and has that changed much over the years?

Hey Dave, I really appreciate that a lot. You’re a true music nut and a badass player yourself man.
You know growing up I was into all that classic stuff -  Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Angus Young, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Page,
Ritchie Blackmore, Slash, Santana, EVH.  My teacher Mike Caughlin taught me a lot at Bluebond Guitars in Philly. It was a
cool vintage guitar store with a ton of cool pedals to mess around with. There was a soundproof booth in there where you
could really let it rip. It’s funny because Paul Green was an instructor there and he went on to start the School of Rock,
where I work now.
After high school, I studied at Berklee College of Music, an experience that totally shattered my musical world. Studying
with Joe Stump really dialed in my playing. He plays in Alcatrazz now and rips the Yngwie leads to shreds. Being exposed to
different styles and jamming the best of the best. Getting my ass handed to me really helped me develop as an artist
hahaha. Still digesting those lectures and ideas from Berklee.
Jamming and collaborating with different musicians has allowed me to continue to grow as a musician and stay sharp, since
Berklee. Here in LA I’ve been fortunate to rip it up with so many talented players.
Tell us about your current music projects.

I just released a single with my band Fastride called Tire Slayer. The
whole songwriting and recording process was a blast. My friend Derek
Abrams, former drummer of Ministry, is one of the raddest dudes on the
planet. We came into the studio with a few riffs and laid down the
groundwork for the song. Derek and I have a great vibe working together.
My good friend John DeServio from Black Label Society laid down the
bass. John has been so supportive of Fastride. I can’t begin to say how
much I cherish our friendship.
Through the Whisky’s Ultimate Jam night I was fortunate to perform with Dustin Brayley from Tran Siberian Orchestra. He is a tremendous
singer and has a massive stage presence. Him and I really hit it off and collaborated on this song Tire Slayer. It’s on all streaming
platforms, so crank it up and have a good time!!!!

Can you give us a rig rundown?

My main amp is a 1988 Marshall Plexi Super Lead modded by Lee Jackson. I’m the biggest fan of Lee, he’s a tone guru. He’s behind the
tone of some landmark shredding albums, and he’s the most down to earth nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Check out his new Metaltronix
amp, the thing is absolutely insane. As far as my axes, I want to give a shout out to Tony and Sydney at ESP, they got me behind the
wheel of the new Eclipse.  I have all my guitars souped up with the TonePros bridges, sadles, etc.  Great people at that company, I love
what they do. I also have lots of fun effects to play with in the studio and live thanks to Joyo Technologies.  I have a couple reviews of their
pedals on my YouTube channel, check it out :)
We recently lost a guitar hero in Eddie Van Halen. I know its I
know it's a story getting beaten to death, but I suspect that every
modern guitarist has some thoughts on EVH's accomplishments,
style and/or career. I know for me, he was influential when i was
just coming into guitar. I learned nearly everything I know about
hammerons from watching videos of him playing and I think we all
have some sort of AVH story. What about you? Any thoughts or
story you would like to share?

Man EVH was all about having a good time. Eddie was just all about
playing the music that moved him and it moved generations of people.
The memories and smells (haha wink) those songs bring back is crazy.
His insane technique mixed with great feel was the ultimate combination.

I want to talk a little about your thoughts on Aging Rockers...

a.The Rolling Stones recently put out some new music and have
more in the works. Some would say that they are old and need to
hang it up. I say, rock till you drop. What say ye?

b.AC/DC. New track released, album on its way. Have you heard it?
What do you think.
I agree man rock till you drop hahaha. A band like The Rolling Stones is a great example because although they are old, they would still blow a younger
band off the stage.  When The Stones play, they’re genuinely having fun, enveloped in the performance. It’s rare and special how they still share that bond
after so many years.  When they jam, they’re not phoning it in, they genuinely love playing those songs. Those tunes are the soundtrack to so many people’
s lives. It’s amazing to see that kind of passion and vigor at that age.

AC/DC HELL YEA. My favorite band of all time. They’ve been through a lot, survived all the “trends.” You got to give it up to AC/DC for just doing their thing
and not straying from the path. I love their sound and raw intensity live. Angus is such a soulful blues ripper.  Stoked for the new stuff.

On the state of the music industry during this pandemic.
How has it effected you personally/muscally?  What have you been doing to keep things moving?

During the pandemic I’ve been expressing myself a lot in the studio. For my latest recordings, I went to A Fuller Sound, in San Pedro, CA. Working with
chief engineer Adam Fuller taught me a lot and was a very special experienced Hunkering down and focusing on music has helped a lot. We put a lot of
time and care into “Tire Slayer.” Another tune I’m really excited to release is a cover of “Going Down” by Freddie King. This track features Derek Sherinian
on keyboards, so stay tuned!
Right before the pandemic hit, I was helping my good friend Michaela  The Sea Tease our together an album release show.  I play on one track, a cover of The Scorpions “Still Loving You.” Once the
pandemic hit, we had to cancel the event. To make the best out of a crappy situation we held a live stream event instead at A Fuller Sound. It was great getting a chance to perform “live” with the band,
and we raised awareness and hype for the album.
Along with that I’ve done a few outdoor/socially distanced shows with my friend Adam Lasher. We went to Berklee College of Music together, he’s an amazing player and is a two time American Idol finalist.
He has a great unique sound. Check out his music online, I’m a huge fan. His uncle is Carlos Santana, one of my favorite guitarists of all time.
I’ve still been teaching for the School of Rock during the pandemic. We switched over to online lessons via Zoom. Staying busy keeps me sane during all the pandemic! Been creating a lot of stuff I’m truly
proud of.

I also want to give a shout out to my good friend Ed Bassmaster. He really inspired me in my journey as a musician.  Ed gave me the confidence to grab life by the horns. He was my inspiration in the fact
that there are no excuses in today’s world to be unhappy with your career.  Ed does all of his filming, production, and marketing all on his phone. With all this technology in your pocket, it levels the playing
field between producer and consumer.  Ed invited me out to perform in Philadelphia at the Fillmore Theater for a sold out show. Be on the look out for another collab in the future ! Love ya bro