Thier influences seem to be all over the metal map.
They say they try to present a modern yet nostalgic sound to their listeners.
Whatever they are trying to do, it seems clear to us that they arent too interested in fitting a particular
genre. We like that.
Metal is metal, metal is rock, metal is just music.
Maybe not all kinds are for everyone. But every kind is for someone.
| Patrick Mulligan- vocals | Zach Coffey- guitar, vocals | Dusty West- drums | Mike Kimak- bass
How would you describe your band “Diluted“?

As a band who really wish they were in the 90's right now. We're an interesting mix of nu-metal, post hardcore, and grunge and we worship the Deftones.
Throw in some hardcore, punk, and deathcore influences and you've got the strange concoction that is Diluted.

How and when was this band formed?

The band was formed in 2013 when our vocalist Pat and I were attending SUNY fredonia. We got sick of shitty jam bands getting their asses kissed and
wanted to express our discontent with the music scene, so we released a shitty little self-titled EP. Nobody really noticed haha...
How many releases do you currently have?

We've got four self-produced EP's and a two song demo. Plus loads and loads of unreleased material that may never see
the light of day!

What can you tell us about the song “Sternenrotz“?

It was written pretty quickly. I came up with the main riffs on my own then brought them to the guys and we arranged it and
added a breakdown. I actually have a recording of us jamming the riffs, arranging them, and coming up with the final
breakdown section on my iPhone. The whole process took about 45 minutes.

What is the songwriting (Composing) process like in Diluted?

Usually either Pat (the vocalist) or I will bring a series of riffs or a recorded demo to practice and we'll just jam it until it's
arranged to our collective liking. It's a pretty organic and straight forward process, really. None of our songs are that
Is there a message or theme to your songs?

There's not really a general, all-encompassing lyrical theme There's not
really a general, all-encompassing lyrical theme and events that upset us
in one way or another. There's a going on, but a lot of our songs seem to
be about things lot lyrical style.

I see you did some recording at Watchmen Studios out of
Lockport NY. How was that experience?

It was alright. We definitely had rigid time constraints and limited funds.
Doug is a great dude and has a top notch studio, but the songs ended
up sounding a lot cleaner and modern than we had hoped. We really
want to capture a grungier sound next time.
Do you have any new music in the works?
Always! Our drummer Dusty recently underwent knee surgery so we're taking this opportunity to write and record demos
while he rests up. One of the new tunes is called "Nemesi" and is already in our live song rotation. It's got a cool
melodic/dark Deftones vibe to it.

How would you describe a typical Diluted live show.

Other than poorly attended? Haha... They can get pretty wild. We have a really solid group of supporters, friends, and fans
who aren't afraid to start mosh pits for us and we love it!

What was the biggest show you have done so far?

We opened for My Ticket Home once. They were douche bags and only played a 4 song set. I think we had more people
watching us play haha... It was really a very negative experience because I loved MTH up until that point. Now I can't even
listen to their music without being reminded of their shitty attitudes. Oh well!

What is the strangest thing you have witnessed or experienced as a band to date?
Our very first show was more disappointing than strange, but it was still weird. We opened for a NJ hardcore played like shit. I
got punched in the face by some skinhead with face tattoos. It was bizarre to say the least!

Who would you most like to go on tour with?

Oh, man. That's a toughie. I'd have to say a band like Stray From the Path or something. Those guys work really hard and
we're kind of going for the same sound they've got, albeit with our own unique spin.

If there was a movie made about Diluted, which band member would be portrayed by Will Ferrell?

Either Pat or myself because we're goofy as hell. Our bassist Mike is also a solid candidate. He's got the funniest laugh ever.
Can Will Ferrell play all three of us?