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The official video for the first single from "Nobody Believes Me" from the debut album of Los Angeles
based, teenage, blackened thrash band Diabology.
Download the album for FREE at:
Thrash from Los Angeles California.
These guys might be young, but they mean busines. They rock it like
old schoolers with all the attitude and character of any thrash metal
band past or present.
Q. The band name.......How did you guys come up with it?

A. Jesse: My father was actually the one who found the word. It was in a book about Satanism, and as soon as I heard it I thought "That would be a great band name."

Q.  How long has the band been in existence?

A. Jesse: We formed in the summer of 2016, although we've been through several lineup changes since then.

Q. What was the main inspirational factor that drove you all to form this band?

A. Jesse: The dark lord himself called upon us to unite in order to destroy music!

Q. What inspired you guys to become musicians?

A. Jesse: Both of my parents are musicians, so I grew up surrounded my metal. When I was in 2nd grade, a music school opened on the block I lived on and my parents
convinced me to start taking lessons, and the rest is history.

Jack: I honestly don't really remember, I just had this strong desire to play guitar and begged my parents for one until they agreed to it.

Joe: When I was 10 my mom asked if I wanted to play piano. I refused but she made me sit through my sisters lesson and at the end I decided to give it a shot. I got good at
that then switched to bass.

Matt: I love music. I grew up playing music. I was born to be a musician and nothing will stop that.
Q.   Is there a certain type of audience you guys are trying to reach?

A. Jesse: People with ears.

Joe: Anyone who enjoys our music is a good audience for me.

Jack: Like Joseph said, anyone who wants to listen to us.

Matt: Metalheads and non-metalheads of all ages

Q.  Would you guys care to share the gear you guys use for your
sound?  ex...Amps, drums, microphone's?

A. Jesse: I play a Jackson 8-string and a Marshall JCM 900 Half Stack.

Jack: I typically use an Ibanez Iceman, a Gibson Firebird, and a Blackstar

Joe: I use a 5 string ESP bass that I got about 3 months ago.

Matt: I use a Gretch Energy drum set with Sabien Cymbals and a DW double
pedal, but my dream kit would be a DW set with Zildjian A Custom Cymbals.

Q. What types of music do you like besides Metal?

A. Jesse: Mostly hard rock and punk.

Jack: I listen to a lot of other rock and jazz music in addition to metal.

Joe: When I'm not listening to metal I'm really into psychedelic prog rock and
classical music

Matt: I really like Jazz Fusion.

Q.  Is there any types of music you do not like?

A. Jesse: Most Christian Rap.

Jack: There's a considerable amount of music I don't care for, but I try not to
shame other people's tastes.

Joe: I don't want to say I don't like a genre because I think in every genre
there is something that is worth listening to, however rap and pop music
appeal to me less than other genres

Q.  Serious question........If there was a certain type of problem in the
world you could solve.....what would that be?

A. Jesse: Stupidity.

Jack: Global warming.  I feel that to be the biggest, most immediate threat to
our existence.  Whether through successful planetary colonization or by
cleaning up the environment, I'd want that problem to be solved first.

Joe: I would end the coronavirus because I want to get back to normal life
Q. .  Do you guys have any recreational activities you participate in
outside of your musicianship lives?

A. Jesse: Sometimes I strip naked and hold blood rituals in my room to ask
the gods of Muati for strength. I'm also a pretty big gamer.

Jack: I skate a little, but I definitely spend most of my time playing music.

Joe: I sometimes play basketball. Just not very well.

Q.  What was the first concert you attended in your life?  Each band
member must answer if you can remember.

A. Jesse: My first concert was an Iron Maiden show in 2013.

Jack: Mine was watching my friend’s mom who was a singer when I was in
second grade.

Joe: The first good concert I attended was Guns n Roses.

Matt: My first concert was the "final" Motley Crue tour. I was 11.

Diabology is a teenage thrash metal
band from Los Angeles, CA.


Jesse Bergen: guitar and vocals
Jack Kleinman: guitar
Joseph Mazisyuk: bass
Matt Morales: drums
This interview was done by Anthony Savarese of Auburn New York.
Anthony, AKA The Metal Brow is a DJ for
Metal World Radio. You can catch his show on Sundays from 5pm to 9pm EST.