In Los Angeles California there is a thrash metal band called Diabology.
One thing that separates this band from most others is the fact that they are a group of teenagers who met up on the
rock school circuit. They were united by a love of metal and a desire to break out of the rock school mold to start
working on original material. Defying the many subgenres of metal, they choose to simply call their music thrash, a
tribute to the old school sounds of the late eighties.
These kids are ready to rock, old school style!
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How old are the members and how did this band get

Jesse: I'm 15.
Everett: I'm 14
Andrew: I'm 18.

Jesse: We all met through various rock schools and we were
all into metal so we started a band together.

How did you come into being musicians and how did
each member of the band come into playing the
instrument of choice?

Andrew: My parents have been listening to metal since before
I was born. They got me into music. I had a toy drum set as a
kid, and I guess I kind of just moved up from there.

Jesse: Same with the parents.
Everett: I started playing when a music school opened up on the block I was living on.
Queen got me into music. I actually started out playing guitar, but this band needed a bassist, so I started playing bass.
To the best of your recollection, when did you realize you wanted to be
metal musicians and why?

Jesse: I heard some metal and I was like: "This is good." So I started playing

Everett: I was asked to join Diabology and I was like: "k".

Who are your greatest influences?

Metallica, Dillenger Escape Plan, Slayer.

How many songs do you have so far and what is the songwriting
process like for Diabology?

Jesse: We have about 9 songs, although we've written a lot more that we just
don't play anymore. We usually just perform various satanic rituals, and in
return, the dark lord gives us our music.

Tell us about the making of the music you currently have available?

Jesse: After we sacrificed our last drummer to the devil, it all came pretty

What has the recording process been like for you guys? Are you
do-it-yourselfers, or do you go to a studio?

Jesse: We go into the studio with our friend, Robert Lowndes, and we make a
bunch of noises. Then, we tell him "Hey, make this sound good." We like to
think that he does.
What gear are you currently using? If you have the choice, what companies would you most like to sign
endorsement deals with?

Jesse: I use a Jackson 8-String and a Marshall half-stack. Those are the brands I'd want sponsoring me.
Everett: I play a Traben 5-string. I would like them and Orange to sponsor me.

Andrew: I use Tama drums, Speed Cobra twin pedals, Sabian cymbals, and Regal Tip sticks. If they could all sponsor me, that
would be nice.
What would you say are your biggest challenges in the music industry for a band with members your age?

Jesse: A lot of metal clubs are 21+. We end up having to play with a lot of punk bands (not that that's the worst thing in the world)
because punk shows are pretty much the only all age shows around.

Is there a theme to your songs or music?

Jesse: Pretty much all our songs are about death and darkness and evil. And more death. And don't forget about evil.

Do you have a particular formula for songwriting or constructing?

Jesse: E=mc^2

What are the short term goals and what are your long term goals for Diabology?

For the short term, we just want to keep playing shows, record our first album.
As for the long term: Musical guests on Sesame Street.
Interview by Dave Henninger