When you are from upstate New York and you think of cities and towns famouse for metal, you think of NYC, Miami, Huston and places like that.
But not so much Mt. Gorgatron, MI. Of course we know that metal is everywhere. It might just be the biggest underground scene in the world.
Here we have a band from Mt. Gorgatron, who consider their style to be Thrash Metal/Crossover Thrash.
They call themselves, DEATH PIT. Here we talk to
Earl Gilmore.

Earl "Killmore" Gilmore - Bass/Vocals

T.J. "Tommy Shredmiester" D'Hoest - Rhythm Guitar

Matt "Nails" Blodgett - Lead Guitar/Back Up Vocals

Johnny "Rotten" Shaffner - Drums
Tom Lyon shown on drums in promo pic below.
Interview by Chris Bruton
Where are you from and how did Death Pit get started?

We are from a small town in Michigan called Mecosta. Its the total definition of backward redneck piece of
shit society.... Its not fun. Well it all started when me, Matt (our lead guitarist) and Johnny
(Our new/old drummer) started a band together called Fatal Demise.
We thrashed some shows in Michigan and called it quits. Lets just say we left Fatal Demise on a bad note.
So I recruited Matt to start a new band that would soon become Death Pit.
Later on TJ joined the ranks of Death Pit and we just started cranking out EPs. After going through numerous
drummers we finally decided the smartest move would to be to recruit Fatal Demise drummer Johnny.
Now we are just working on recording our first full length album Knight Of The Living Dead!

How would you describe Death Pit's sound?

Well we have been called crossover thrash. But we like to maintain that slow moshing headbanging mid tempo
madness. Maybe Hardcore Thrash Punk if you will. Call us what you will, if you don't think we are fast enough to
be thrash stick you nutsack in a microwave and set it to 2:00 and have fun.

Tell us about your songwriting process.  

Well, Our process of writing songs usually begins by us working on some new riffs.
Them we program the drums to get a more solid of the song.Then we just continue to jam it out while
I write the lyrics for it.
I tend to spend alot of time writing the lyrics and often I will go through multiple sets of lyrics until I find
the right fit. I often use a method of counting my syllables to get it as perfect as possible.
This next album is going to be our most diverse yet.

Tell us about your song Chalice Of Souls?

Chalice Of Souls... Well this next album is going to have some songs that go together concept wise. We didn't
want to make a full blown concept album, we just wanted some of the songs to fit together in a gruesome tale of
events. But Chalice Of Souls is based around an ancient swamp inhabited by undead ghouls that serve the
demon beast that beholds the chalice of souls the one artifact held dearest in the land of the dead due to the
fact that it will make its beholder invincible. The only way for the knight of the living dead to vanquish and rule
the land of the dead is for him to behold The Chalice Of Souls.
What are your biggest influences?

nuclear assault, the big four, sodom, Pantera all
the classic thrash bands of the 80's.
But the bands that really influenced our style are new bands.
We get alot of our groove elements from bands like Lazarus AD, Our aggression from bands like
Evil Army and attitude from bands like Municipal Waste and Lich King.
What is a typical Death Pit live show like?
prance around in nuclear green spandex pants. Because when its time to fuck shit up we want war!
So yeah our live shows consist of alot of head banging metal heads wanting war as well!

What are your goals for the next year?

Our goals for next year is to get this fucking cd done and hit the road. We want to tell Mecosta to fuck off
and see the world.
If you could have one person sit in with your band who would it be?

That ones is easy, Definitely R.L. Stine. We wrote many songs about our favorite series Goosebumps and he
is definitely an inspiration to us.

If you could wipe one band off the face of the earth, who would it be?

Jerry Only era Misfits.... Because its just become a joke. Its not even cool any more. Or blood on the dance
floor those douches fucking suck!

Anything Else?

We are your friendly neighborhood Death Pit so continue supporting us and we will Fuck Shit Up in a small
town near you! Cheers \m/