Many of these bands are very good and on any given day, any one of these bands can throw down with the best of them. But there are some that stand out.
One of these bands is from Syracuse (NY).
They call themselves DEAR MR DEAD. On their Facebook page they describe themselves as "All-original heavy-hitting metal. Not a screamfest, but
hardworking guys playing their hearts out". Having gotten to know these guys a little, we can attest to that. One thing we know is, they often ask “Are you
dead yet?”
Where did the name Dear Mr.Dead originate from?

Dear Mr Dead was  named in Honor of Greg Italiano. Greg was the owner of The Lost
Horizon when he tragically passed from a heart attack in May of 2010. The band was
originally named Skitzopanic and we had our CD release party at the Lost the night of
Greg's attack.We were told that Skitzopanic was the last band Greg ever saw so we
decided to honor his memory with the name of Dear Mr Dead After Sitzopanic disbanded.

You have warmed the stage for a few national bands now. Who were they and
what was it like to play with bigger bands?

We've shared the stage with Mushroomhead, Texas Hippie Coalition, Sons ofTexas,
Erik boak - Kevin gorzynski - Jimmy Gahan - Kenny gorzynski - Geno Huling
Dog Fashion Disco, Screaming for Silence, Young Guns, Bobaflex, Royal Bliss,
Guns out at sundown and media solution. It's always great to meet professionals.

Do you feel playing with national bands has increased your fan base?

Oh Absolutely, Although selling tickets has been a challenge sometimes, The
more Nationals we play for the More our fan base grows and the easier it is to
sell our group, our merch as well as tickets

Do you find traveling on the road takes a toll one's personal

Just ask our ex's. I'm sure they would be happy to share some stories!
With new ex's most likely.

What advice would you give to new bands just starting out?

Meet as many people as you can, Be nice to your promoters (unless they make you pay to play....Then tell
them to go FUCK themselves). Stay together no matter what, Longevity is one key to success. Keep it real.  
Always play longer then you're set time, the sound guys Love it!

Tell me something that no one knows about each of you in Dear. Mr. Dead.

I can't because then we'd have to kill you.

If each of you could individually be any musician playing your specific instrument (dead or living)
who would that be...let's see what kind of a band we can form! (Don't share with band mates it's a
secret question for each of you!)

JImmy: My Hero Clive Burr (origanal Drummer for Iron Madian)
Kevin: Zakk Wylde
Kenny: James Hatfield
Erik: Victor Wooten
Geno: Phil Anselmo

WOW!!!! Hell of a band there!!! Interesting mix!
What would you like to tell your fans?

and hearing some of YOUR stories!

Where do you see Dear Mr. Dead in 5 years?
DEAR MR DEAD live at Finger Lakes Metal Fest 2016
Interview by Trish Watkins