With the inception of metal Meat came originally the idea that we would feature only unsigned and underground bands from the US.
But the interest quickly bacme international. How could we leave any band out? Every band starts out with the hopes of hitting the big
time, getting some kind of world recognition. So few actually get that. But with social media being what it is, and technologies making it
so much easier for bands to become very successful do-it-yourselfers, we decided there is no reason to leave any band out. So with
from Hertfordshire, UK.
Ross King - Vocals, Guitars
James Pratt - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Phil Romeo - Bassist, Backing Vocals
Nathan Robshaw - Drums
How long has this band been together?
Since 2009 as Hatespire, although we changed the name to Countless Skies in 2012.

How did Countless Skies get started?

Pratt and I used to Jam together at school, I was on guitar and Pratt on Drums. Pratt later picked up guitar and
worked with me to write a 3 track Demo as Hatespire. We then recruited Phil on Bass, Nathan on Drums and
our good friend Marcello on Keys. Unfortunately we only managed to play four gigs before life got in the way,
things slowed to a halt, and Marcello left the band. A few years on, we had new songs and were ready to start
again under a new name. Thus, Countless Skies was born.

Is there a theme or message to your songs?

Most of Hatespire's lyrics were dealing with depression and isolation, but Countless Skies is more of a
transition away from those feelings. It starts off with Ethereal which has a very melancholic tone, then moves to
Penance which deals more with anger and redemption and finally ends with Reverence that's based around acceptance and calmness. Everlast is just a cool song

Is there a particular songwriting process?

We always work in Guitar Pro. For the EP, riffs were brought into GP by either myself or Pratt, with Pratt putting them together into rough song ideas. Then we would start to
play them as a full band, so that every member can have input. Lyrics were mostly written by me, with input from Pratt.

How do you work out which guitarist plays what part?

We normally have Pratt playing whichever part is more difficult, due to the fact that I have to play guitar and perform vocals at
the same time.

To date, can you tell us about your greatest experience so far being in this band?

It took us a lot of time to get our band off of the ground, but I think finally releasing our EP and reading all of the feedback
from people all over the world, that was pretty damn great.

What is the craziest thing you have seen or done at a show, either by you or someone else?

On the way to the first ever gig as Hatespire, I was driving home from work and lost control of my car. I hit a tree at about
60mph and totaled my car, the engine came out and landed next to it. I was lucky to be alive and walk out without a scratch,
but unfortunately my prized Jackson guitar wasn't so lucky and was smashed to splinters :( Somehow my amp and footswitch
survived though and I still use them to this day.
Countless Skies debut EP
best ever, and I had a pretty good story to tell on stage too.
What is your biggest goal as a band for 2015?

Our biggest goal this year is to play as big a gig as possible,
hopefully a festival. We're also planning on releasing more
music this year, maybe even an album. We'll be taking it to a
studio as well to get everything recorded and mixed

If you could jam with anyone alive or dead who would
it be?

It would have to be Devin Townsend, his writing is so original
and goofy. I'd love to write some stupid riffs with him.