Check this heavy rock/metal band from Southern California. If you like modern groove metal these guys should satisfy your urge.
Formed by father/son duo, they are bringing it hard and heavy.
In this article, Anthony "MetalBrow" Savarese or Metal World Radio throws a bunch of questions at them.
The line up consists of Lonnie Silva (father/Drums), Kyle Silva (Son/Guitar), Graham Fletcher (vocals) and Josh Rodriguez (bass)
they go by the name of BlackList-9
How did you guys come up with the Band Name?

Lonnie: At first the name was “Father and Son” as a joke I shortened it to F
“n” Son, couple of people took it the wrong way and so we changed it.
Looking for a new name, commercial for T.V. show BlackList. I liked it, but it
needed something else, so I started counting to 9 and told myself that’s it!
How long has the band been in existence?

Lonnie: 5 years

Kyle: 2 years with Graham

What inspired you to form this band?

Lonnie: I’ve worked-with Kyle since he could play, but he couldn’t find drummers his age to play so at 18 he
asked me to start a band with him. I was hesitant at first, but glad I did.

Kyle: Yup that sounds about right.  

What inspired you guys to become musicians?

Lonnie: My cousin Lenny had a drum set in his room.
I would sneak into his room and play when he wasn’t around. But the bastard
would put his sticks a certain way, so he knew if someone played them.
Caught many times.

Graham: I don’t know. I woke up and said I wanted to do it.

Kyle: Jimi Hendrix, I was watching Woodstock with my dad on T.V. and saw
what Jimi was doing, how he was playing, doing those crazy dive bombs. It
inspired me a lot as a kid to play guitar.
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Is there a certain type of audience you guys are trying to reach?

Graham: All of them. But mostly people who like puppies and sharks.

Lonnie: Rock and Metalheads, young to old

Kyle: Everyone

Would you guys care to share the type of gear you guys use?

Kyle: Dean guitars, Randall Thrasher amp head, Peavey 5150 Cab, 10 Band eq, Whammy
Pedal, Mxr Delay, Boss Delay Pedal, Dunlop cry baby wah.
Lonnie: I’m a fan of Ludwigs drums. I have three kits, I use Zildjian cymbals,
D.W. Hardware, Pearl Demon Eliminator double pedals, Remo heads

Graham: Microphone

What types of music do you guys like to listen to besides metal?

Graham: Hip Hop, Punk, Hardcore, Darkwave, Goth, Folk, Outlaw Country,
Synth , Motown, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Turntablism, Spoken word, And the
lectures of Carl Sagan or J Robert Oppenheimer.
Lonnie: I like Progressive rock, oldies, Big fan of the Beatles

Kyle: Outlaw Country (Shawn James), Rap/Hip Hop (Tech N9ne/Tribe), Alternative music (Dave Matthews Band), Grunge
(STP/Pearl Jam), Classical Guitar Players (Francisco Tarrega/Isaac Albeniz), Flamenco guitar players (Rodrigo y
Gabriela/Opel Ocean)

Is there any types of music you guys don’t like?

Lonnie: Modern Rap and Twangy style of country music. But I love Johnny Cash

Graham: The current POTUS giving any speech.............But in all honesty no.

Kyle: I wouldn’t say don’t like, I am just not into. Can’t thing of anything at the moment.
If there was any type of problem in the world you guys could solve, what would that

Kyle: Anyone that is a f@&king Idiot

Lonnie: Government Greed

Graham: The fact that people don't see the poverty rate, gun violence, racism, Rape, and
xenophobia are still a pretty big problem in The United States. That or the fact of how it's
ignored, swept under the rug or distracted by a Hey, everybody has problems.

Do you guys have any recreational activities you guys engage in outside of your
musicianship lives?

Kyle: Boxing, Working on cars. riding motorcycle, playing sports, working on electronics,  

Lonnie: I’m a big Drag Racing fan, owned my own dragster for several years. My best time
5.98 seconds at 213 mph in the quarter mile

Graham: Whiskey Tasting, Photography, Bartending, Cooking, Watching films, and Reading
Science magazines and news articles.

For each band member individually, what was the first concert you went to in your
Graham: Tina Turner 1992. My mother was in her band as a backup dancer and singer and then she had me so she took me on the
road with her after I was old enough to walk. First Concert I remember though was either a backyard show in Palmdale with Punk bands
or it was Ozzfest.

Lonnie: Black Oak Arkansas with the original Montrose Band, 1974

Kyle: Metallica with Godsmack. I fell asleep during Metallica set, I wasn’t allowed to go to another concert for a while.
Interview by Anthony "MetalBrow" Savarese