In this installment of Metal Meat our newest interviewer, Anthony Savarese AKA "The Metal Brow" of Metal World
Radio talks to Anonymia from Portland Oregon. They identify as Drunken Folk Metal. We haven't actually hung out
with them, but after giving them a good listen and looking at their answers, we believe it.
We also believe the world can always use a good sense of humor.
The only names they gave us for band members are;
Guy Zero ~ Upright acoustic bass, group chants
Guy One ~ Acoustic / Classical guitars, drunken ramblings
Guy Two ~ Electric guitar, squawks and growls
That One Chick Two ~ Violin, alluring serenades
The drunkard formerly known as Guy Four ~ drums.

Anonymia, or ἀνωνυμία in its original Greek writing, means “without name” or “nameless”. The initial form of
Anonymia existed as a side project for Guys One, Two, and Four with no real intention of performing. We were
offered the chance to play with the band Negura Bunget from Romania at which point a name had to be placed
on the group. Anonymia seemed fitting for our initial intentions of the band, and also spawned the “Nameless
Drunkards” within its members.

How long has the band been in existence?

Anonymia has taken several forms throughout the course of its existence. Guys One and Two first started
playing music together 15 years ago, where the idea of doing a folk/renaissance influenced band first sprouted
a few years later. Anonymia however wouldn’t form for several years, and where the band is today even longer
still. As the years progressed the folk elements slowly took more and more hold over the music. A few years
were spent as a “blackened folk metal” band that blended black metal music with violin and folk elements.
Anonymia as it is today with violin, acoustic guitar, and now acoustic upright bass throughout its entirety initially
formed about two years ago
What inspired you to form this band?

The very first song that was ever written for Anonymia
actually took place a few years before its creation. The
original band (of Guy’s One, Two, and Four) had the honor
of opening for Korpiklaani whom we are all really big fans of.
That band was a straight forward black metal band that really didn’t fit the style of Korpiklaani and TYR. We
decided to surprise the crowd and change that by having our last song for the night be one that we created
specifically for that show. Years later we would then take that song as the basis for creating what we play today.
That song can now be heard on our “Drunken Album” as track two, “Over Pints of Ale”. Beer also played a large

What inspired you guys to become musicians?

For our love of music, how it’s used in other aspects of our lives, and figuring out what you can do with it. That
One Chick Two (violin player) is currently working towards a degree in music therapy; which takes the passion in
a completely different direction from how many view music.
Is there a certain type of audience you
guys are trying to reach?

We play music because we enjoy and are
passionate about it.
We have blended our style to incorporate elements so we can better fit with shows for death metal, black metal,
and folk metal bands. Really we are doing what we want so we can have the most fun in a given moment
ourselves. Obviously we hope that others will also enjoy what it is we are doing, as some may come for the folk
elements and others for the metal. However expanding and crossing those two elements closer together. Folk
instruments can still be heavy, can still have head banging riffs, and can still be truly metal; it’s all a matter of
how it’s played and comes together.
Would you guys care to share the types of
gear you use for your music?
is the only distorted instrument. The rest of the band consists of acoustic guitar, violin, and acoustic upright bass
The element of our gear that may be the most noteworthy is that live (for the majority of songs) Guy Two’s guitar
(all with electric pickups of course). On our CD all instruments were organic and played by members of the band
including: other forms of percussion such as djembe and bongos, banjo, accordion, and even kazoo. Since there
is usually a beer in hand it may as well be considered part of our gear.

What types of music do you guys listen to besides metal?

Amongst us we have a pretty wide range of likes that span nearly every genre. We as a whole can strongly
agree with classical music (though let’s not get started on specifically who!) as most of us have some degree of
classical training for orchestras, choir, etc..
Is there any types of music you guys don't

With every style of music there are specific
individuals or elements that can be truly
noteworthy in what they do. Just as there are
equally (if not exponentially more so) those
that are completely horrible. I (Guy Two) really
cannot stand country, however another
member for some reason does like it.

If there was any type of problem you guys
could solve in the world, what would that

We’d end sobriety. There are literally millions
of people in the world without adequate access
to alcohol.
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Personally we believe access to alcohol should be considered an inalienable human right, and it’s really sad to see so many
people live without it. (Note* this is meant to be taken tongue in cheek as the persona of the band revolves around alcohol.)

Do you guys have any recreational activities you do outside of your musicianship life's?

Guy Zero is working on perfecting his home brewing. The rest of us support him by drinking his beer and offering constructive
feedback on his next batch. I’m not sure which side is harder.

For each band member individually, what was the first concert you went to?

Guy Zero was likely conceived in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show, so he certainly won the going to a show at the youngest
age award.

Guy Two went to Marilyn Manson.

TOC2 went to a band called Mago De Oz, which is a Spanish hard rock band that uses a lot of folk elements.

Guy One said he couldn’t remember his first show, so my guess is the Backstreet Boys.
Interview by Anthony Savarese