Metal music comes in many forms and genre’s. From brightly polished big box acts like Megadeth or Dream Theater
with all their mega-talented lineups right on down to the dirty, gritty, under ground, semi-punk bands jamming in the
just trying to make our mark in the world.
For some of us, our music, our own brand of metal, is what saves us from the demons within and if we’re lucky,
maybe we save a few others along the way.
One band that was brought to our attention is a DIY band that came to rock, have fun and put those inner demons to
work for a better cause than the usual self destruction that they often impose. These guys are true metal
underground “do-it-yourselfers” from start to finish, but the vibe is one we can sink our teeth into. In this interview
we talk to Jason Lewis (a.k.a. The Rev Jaystone) of the Missouri based band called Anemic-Heretic.
Scott Smith Guitar Bg Vocals
Paul Pearman Bass Bg Vocals
John Strahl Drums
Jason Lewis Vocals Lyrics
How did this project get started?
Anemic-Heretic formed at a party. I saw guitarist Scott "Rectifier" Smith and Bassist Paul Pearman playing
Metallica Nothing Else Matters, and I said come on man play some Slayer Raining Blood. Scott said ok. Then he
and Paul started playing it on acoustic guitar. I was blown away and said I'm a vocalist, lyricist and songwriter
would you want to work on original music? Then we got together and started writing.

What is your songwriting method?

I usually write lyrics and have the melody in my head and then go to Scott or Paul and hum the melody and then
they with Drummer John Strahl work out the details.

Tell us about the song Meth-Matics

Meth-matics is about my addiction I had to the terrible drug. I went to prison for sales, and meth ruined  a lot in
my life. I purposely wrote it in a almost pro-meth way But it's totally an anti-meth song. I thought it clever to base
the bridge on mathmatics but in a Meth-matics formula..first you add my misery subtract my dignity multiply my
sorrow then divide my soul.
Dream Cymbals and Gongs!
In regards to your personal struggles, can you tell us
played into the struggles and/or recovery?

I can honestly say if it wasn't for making music and literally
writing out my pain, I don't know if I'd be alive. I'm a writer who
holds nothing back when it comes to what I write. I still struggle
with issues of recovery, but that will probably be for the rest of
my life. Lots of Anemic-Heretic songs deal with addiction and
the struggles of addiction. My hope has always been like how
Metallica helped me as a kid,my music and lyrics may help
someone who is going through hell.
Going back to your early beginnings, tell us about the journey into music. How did you get started?
Was there a moment that you suddenly realized this was for you?

I have always loved music. All types. I feel if you pigeon hole and listen to one genre your missing out on the
beauty of music. I first experienced metal when I was 6. My mom had Black Sabbath Paranoid album and I
remember putting on the record and the grooves captured my soul. I used to write lyrics and go into the woods
and hum the melody and sing to the trees. So I always wanted to make music. No one wanted to make original
music until I met the A-H guys and it's been a wonderful experience. I can't express how music truly saved me.
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method? Are you DIY? What do you do to capture your
sound? What is the recording set up and process?

We record live in the garage. We set up and record as if we
are in an actual show. We use cool edit pro an older multitrack
recording program and just let er rip. I then listen to the music
and try to mix and add balance, cause sometimes guitar may
be too loud. The hardest to get corrected is drums.

What is the Metal scene like in your area?

Dead. This area is classic rock cover band area. It's very
difficult to get shows. But we make due and have parties at the
garage. But there are a few post rock bands like Cauldron
Point who are amazing. Not really metal but an awesome band.
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