In this installment we bring you a UK band called “A HIGHER DEMISE”. Their
official FaceBook page has them listed as Metalcore/Post-Hardcore. We don’t
put too much attention to sub genre’s at Metal Meat. All we need to know is
that it’s some form of metal and that the band does’t suck. How ever you
want to categorize this band, they definitely do not suck. In fact, we have a
feeling that it’s just a matter of time before they start branching out into the
world. Read our interview with them, listen to their music and check ‘em out!
How did A Higher Demise come to be?

Our guitarist Dan was looking to start a heavy band after playing with an indie band for a
couple of years. Our other guitarist Terry was looking for a band and having not received an
invite from Dan (as they had been friends for a few years and in a previous band together)
so he forced his way in. Once the others discovered he wasn’t going to leave they accepted
their fate and A Higher Demise began to form.
Did it all start with a very specific agenda or did the band evolve into what it is today?

It was just supposed to be heavy! There didn’t seem to be much of a plan past the point of writing some songs in
the heavy mix of genres we all loved. The scope of musical interests (albeit within the veil of metal) was fairly
wide and the melodic side naturally became part of the band’s sound. Things didn’t appear to be falling apart to
we played some gigs and didn’t think too far into the future, and so on.
Going back to your early days, how did you get your start in music?

We just fumbled around, making music we thought was awesome and that
we loved. Eventually we wanted to sound more like a band and less like a
local project so we invested in some professional recordings. The release of
the first EP ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’ felt like a milestone and from
there we convinced Pete from Ambicon Music to work with us and the radio
plays, news features, interviews etc starting coming our way.

What/who were your biggest influences as you started your journey
into music?

Early days it would’ve been bands like August Burns Red with raw
heaviness and full of brutality, but eventually those aspects were further
influenced by more melodic bands like ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘Memphis May
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What is the musical atmosphere, specifically for metal, like in your

Its small, but the people involved love it and keep it going. Generally
speaking the local taste is a heavier than us but they give us their time
and attention and seem to be tolerant of our more mainstream approach.

Please Tell us about the EP ‘To Death Or Victory’ how was the
process for accomplishing this work?

The whole cycle started during the recording process of the previous E.P.
‘The Doctor Will See You Now’. Work as a band for the first time with
producer Jason Wilson we started to realize that we can write more
complex music. So we began writing almost straight away. The E.P was
recorded in early 2016 and it took us a long time to prepare for the

What can you tell us about the single from A Higher Demise?

The current single we have release is ‘The End of Us’. This is the first
track written mainly by our Bassist Rachael. It is also the first track that
Rachael in which she takes the lead clean vocal. Be sure to keep your
eyes out for new material coming soon.

What is the songwriting process like? Do you collaborate or are/is
there a key songwriter?

We all work on the tracks as a group but they will mainly start as a demo
written by one of the members and brought to the rest. We have 3 small
home studios to work in to record demos, so we end up with a lot of tracks
that we have to pick from when going into the studio.
Interview by Dave Henninger
Is there a message or philosophy to your music?

The only Philosophy we live by as a band is one our Guitarist Terry states every time we have a gig. "If something CAN go wrong, It WILL at
the gig" So we over prepare to make sure we have every avenue covered.
What are your plans for 2018?

Well as we have just changed vocalist we are going to be looking to get some new recordings done so you can hear our new vocalist. We are planning on playing every gig
possible up and down the country. Fingers crossed we want to get out into main land Europe and get a taste of European crowds.