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The official video of the band "A Fitting Revenge".
The song is called "The Inquisition"
This interview was done by Anthony Savarese of Auburn New York.
Anthony, AKA The Metal Brow is a DJ for
Metal World Radio. You can catch his show on Sundays from 5pm to 9pm EST.
Meat the band 'A FITTING REVENGE" from Rochester, NY.
Based out of Rochester, New York, A Fitting Revenge has been
lovingly crafting Heavy Metal since April Fool’s Day 2012.
Although that may sound funny, and they have a sense of
humor, we can honestly say, they are no joke.

How did you guys come up with the band's name?

Aaron: We were originally just known as AFR, but after some lineup
changes we needed a new name. We wanted to keep the acronym so we
retrofitted A Fitting Revenge. It basically describes a poetic justice.

Tell us about your Discography.....Future releases.?

     Ledwing:  We have two EPs under AFR called A Hero To Villains and
Psychopath of Righteousness. There are flashes of goodnessm but we've
come a long way from those days 6 or 7 years ago. In 2017 we came out
with Tempus Fugit, which if you've seen us you mostly heard songs from
that. On September 4th we release the follow up to Tempus Fugit, titled
What inspired you guys to become musicians?

Grant: Being a kid and feeling the way the bass from the loudspeakers reverberated through my body was
pretty awe-inspiring. After that I knew what I wanted to do was to be on stage and have that kind of power.

Aaron: I played piano as a kid. I've always loved music; my dad is a great musician. I bought a snare drum
off of a homeless guy in seventh grade for $5 which jumpstarted my drumming career.

Ledwing: I come from a musical family but never cared all that much for music. In my teen years, I was
exposed to Metallica and Iron Maiden and once I started to take music more seriously I realized that by
creating music I could make other people feel the emotion and the energy that I would feel when listening to
other bands. That’s what drives me now.

Is there a certain type of audience you are trying to reach?

Ledwing: Not really, although if I could wave a magic wand and reach any audience it would be the type of
people, and we all know them, that listen to music with pureness and joy. They don’t listen to shit on a band
or wave the flag of a genre in unbeliever’s faces; they listen because music tells a story, takes you places,
and they want to be in on the next adventure.

Would you care to share the type of gear you use? (Amplifiers, Guitars, etc.)

ESP LTD Bass Guitars - DR Strings Black Beauties

Tama Superstar drums and hardware- Zildjian - A Custom cymbals - Evans drumheads - Vic Firth drumsticks
- Roland electronics

Ledwing: Renna Guitars (we have a signature model with them https://www.rennaguitars.com/shop/revenge-
model-guitar) - Fractal Audio Axe FX II - Mesa and Peavey Cabs - Art Power Amp
Ernie Ball 10-46 set and Ernie Ball Paradigm 9.5-48 set strings - Sennheiser Mics - Galaxy Audio In Ears -
Line 6 wireless

What types of music do you guys like to listen to besides metal?

Grant: Psytrance, EDM, K-pop

Aaron: Pop-punk, top 40, ska, classical

Ledwing: EDM, Jazz, 80’s sad boi music, Salsa and Merengue, Penis Music

Are there any types of music you do not like?

Grant: Trap. Fight me about it.

Aaron: Not a big fan of modern country. Fight Grant about it.

Ledwing: Ska and Reggae, Fight Grant about it.
You can visit A FITTING REVENGE in the web at;
If there was a certain type of problem in the world you could solve....what would it be?

Grant: Humankind

Aaron: Economic inequity

Ledwing: The balance of power between government and the people, and access to food and electricity. In my opinion if everyone is fed, clothed, and has opportunities, war becomes
pointless. Oh and legalize and regulate all drugs, fund safe injection sites, legalize sex work, make election day a paid holiday, get the fuck out of these slow burn wars, strengthen laws
safeguarding the ability of the press to report truth, create a voluntary designation where news organizations omit the name of mass shooters to deny them the fame they crave, and teach
bow hunting and farming as an elective in schools.

Do you guys have any recreational activities you participate in outside of your musicianship lives?

Grant: No. I actually just get stored in the AFR basement and they bring me out when it's time to work.

Aaron: I'm big into fitness, reading, table tennis and PUBG mobile.

Ledwing: I practice at a Kyokushin Karate gym, and I play video games on Xbox and Oculus Rift.
For each band member individually, what was the first concert you went to in your life?

Grant: My first real concert was Green Day with Blink 182. I was 12 and I went with my mom.

Aaron: First big one was Cypress Hill in 1999

Ledwing: Early 90s, my dad was a saxophonist in a salsa band.