In Norway there is a band called Husmanskost.
Founded in 2015 as an experiment they are now 2 albums/27 song deep in what sounds to us like a punk/thrash
Though we do hear a lot of common elements in their music, they still provide a fairly unique sound a style that we
find a bit addictive.
Here we talk to Kai Andre Kofoed, founding member, guitarist and vocalist of the band.
Can you tell us how you came to be a band. I see you had different
backgrounds, musically. What brought you together?
this summer, at  house/backyard party and this punk band had made a setup for a little live show (like the old
punk way!) And I noticed this young drummer who was full of energy and kept the tempo always high with his d-
beats a stuff..
So feeling burnt out as I was i thought maybe this guy would be great to start a project with... I did not know what
yet, but i just had this feeling.
So he came from a crust/grind/punk scene and i was mostly into thrash and death metal. So we just started to
pitch some ideas back and forth..

If I did not have any ideas, he came up with some drum tracks for me, and if he didn't’t have any ideas, i just
made some riff in my style.
You could call it an experiment. In a very good way. Because we had this synergy. We could even meet up at practices without even talking to each other, and then just leave,
because we agreed anyway. But before we could fulfill this experiment/demo/album/whatever.. We needed some vocals. So we asked this friend of us, John.  And he did this high
pitched screaming voice that matched the music and aggression perfect! Yeah so we where a trio and recorded the first experiment.
How did you come up with the band name?

like traditional home cooked food/cuisine, so why not homemade
traditional metal?
The title on the first album is also a play on words  on
traditional Norwegian food call Fårikål. So it sounded
like Fåricore, and we played a kind grindcore, so
yeah..  It’s much more funnier if your Norwegian! haha!
fårikål?fåricore.. yeah..

What is the songwriting process like? How do you
put the music together?

The songwriting? It`s what i started to talk about.. and
we have just kept using that idea, after our second
album now it seem to work very well! Me and Niklas put
som riffs and drumtracks together.. call them like song
1,2,3 bla bla bla.
And John puts the last magic touch to it. And big credit for his twist on the second album. It became really heavy!
i could not even imagine that when i walked into studio one day while they where recording vocals and i
thought.... Damn! This sound heavy! This begins to really sound like an album!  And after the second release we
got a really lot of attention, with no gigs, no physical copies. Hell, we even had fans from the first album we didn`t
even know about!
How did each of you come to be musicians?

How I became musician? I don`t really remember exactly what the reason was... I saw my cousin playing i guitar when i was
younger and as i grew older I discovered metal got a passion for it, listening to Clawfinger, Myrkskog even some punk like Nofx.
Suddenly i was in a black metal band listening to more extreme music... Tried different projects but still feeling walking in a
circle..  So after this attention lately I feel like really got the glow back!  And it`s a genre with no boundaries.. We work well
together.. And you can really hear it in the music when its like grind and crust and suddenly twists into thrash and death
elements. Maybe I go a little of track there but. Thanks to this drummer! Still young but has a lot of potential. Exited for album
number 3 !!

When you mention a genre with no boundaries, I have to ask 2 things, first, if you had to give Husmanskost a genre
to describe it, what would you say it was? Second, what are your thoughts on labeling so many sub-genres in metal?

Hmm…metal genres... Well, when I grew up there was only the main genres like: Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy
Metal, Doom Metal etc..
But today, when people ask you what kind of band you are in, you answer: Death metal! Yeah.. But what kind of
death metal? It’s a type of symphonic blackened technical stonercore death metal with post folk influences and
some hints of bands like Korn, Isis and Cannibal corpse.... You get the point...right?
With Husmanskost we have that crust punk sound and grindcore elements so.. We decided...Crust/Grind!

Labeling sub-genres could be a good thing or a bad thing. The good thing is you know a little more what to
expect of some bands and how they play and sound. The bad thing: you waste your time on some band that
sound nothing  like the music/sound or/how the sub-genres their describe their music like. Don’t you think?
Or…WHAT do YOU think?

What was the recording process for your latest release, “Ründpült”?

Ah... The recording process of Ründpült...
I actually got some videos of it (maybe for a DVD some day) We started recording it twice.. With an preamp I did
not care for, and metronome with no drums or other guitars to play after.. You got to feel it! The energy! Not
heheheh and of course.. Our young drummer.. 26years.. At least I think his still young and full of potential.. I just
can’t play after a metronome, just can’t! It’s so hilarious!! After just 10 seconds trying to record the drums after
click, we just said... Fuck this!
We wanted a more dynamic feel? Like a live recording, So i had my amp and my trusted Vader Cabinet right in
front of the drums. Almost max volume like a rehearsal, and did it that way! Recorded the guitar and drums at
the same time... Muuuuuch better, at least for this band.
Then John came in and did the vocals.. But in a different way... I remember walking into our rehearsal place
(also with studio) and heard this much deeper growling vocals! It sounded heavy! I was surprised because i
thought he would do something like he did on the first album "Fåricore" high pitched screaming. But it completed
the sound of the album in a way we had not discussed, not planned, not talked about. He just went in and you
know, magic happens!
And finally I had to play bass on the songs just to give the sound more depth.. Just the basic notes..  Not much
to talk about... Hm... No I don’t think so.

What can you tell us about that song "Motefrik"?

The song "Motefrik" ? Well.. It’s about provoking the fashion industries.. Always need the new clothes..
Commercials brainwashing young and old to think they will be hip and popular with all the new clothes they
design and all fashion for high prices every month. The lyrics are very simple.. Going ape shit at the malls and
stores because your so fucking tired of the constant hype about buying the latest shit, you want to punch them,
make chaos and are threatening to shoot people when black Friday arrives. It may seem harsh but.. That’s crust
you know and also extra intense with the dark humor. It’s not exactly we’re going to shoot people....hehehe..........

How would you describe the metal scene in your area, as in how well is it received and supported?

When I grew up there was a scene for music in KRISTIANSUND!! Many Scenes! There where concerts every
weekend! All the young bands played and old! Now the city has just turned to shit and now pubs/bars will accept
people playing with just a liiiiiittle distortion! I think it’s very sad. And it’s not just metal, it’s all the other ones as
well. Where are they? Where are the concerts? You are only accepted if you play in a FUCKING COVER BAND
Or a blues jam band.... I think i need to stop now.. Our next gig we have to travel 3 hours outside of town just to play... Yeah so... Fuck...