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Meat the Black Metal Band VILE TYRANT
In this installment of Metal Meat our own Anthony Savarese, A.K.A. Metal
Brow talks to members of this band from a place called Utica New York.
Aside from typical summer months, an otherwise cold dark place on the
planet. Perfect for such a band to arise.
Their FaceBook page introduction is as follows;
From the great abyssal void, the Vile Tyrant has risen. Four parts into one,
we are legion. Purveying entropy and chaos based on Luciferian principles,
we destroy the Light physically and aurally. We are Humani Sine Christos
under the guidance of the Morning Star. Ave Satanas!
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Watch the official video by VILE TYRANT - Unto Wrath be Given
The band name.....How did you guys come up with it?

Vile Tyrant has been known by many other names for centuries as an oppressive zeitgeist sowing disdain
and chaos amongst the populous. We merely harnessed its influence and essence for this project.

How long has the band been in existence?

As a project, Vile Tyrant was started around 2012.

What inspired you guys to form this band?

The drive and desire to create and perform pure, occult-inspired black metal that we ourselves would listen

What inspired you guys to become musicians?

It's not an inspiration to be a musician, it's a basic need. It's in our blood to create music.

Is there a certain type of audience you are trying to reach?

Those who are appreciative of black metal. Those who aren't can fuck off.
Would you guys care to share the gear that you guys use?

Peavey, Transmutation Devices, NYXL strings... We try everything. We're gear whores.

What types of music do you guys like to listen to besides metal?
Influences vary, which allows things to be distilled into the eclectic and holistic approach
towards the music we create.

Is there any types of music that you guys do not like?

We hate everything until we like it. That can be said about music or many other aspects of
life in general.

Is there any black metal bands that you dream about touring with?
We were honored to have played shows
with Vital Remains, Goatwhore, Abigail
Williams, Necronomicon, and Suffocation.
All personal favorites of ours.

To share the stage with greats such as
Immortal, Emperor, or Marduk would be
quite the accomplishment. Hell, since
you're talking about theoretical situations,
let's throw Dissection into the mix. But,
bands such as Mephorash, Mgła, Alcest,
Ahklys, and a lot more bands would be
great to join forces with as well.

If there was a certain type of problem in the world you could solve ...what would that be?

Ignorance, both willing and unwilling,  is a worldwide problem.
Do you guys have any recreational activities that your participate in outside of your musicianship lives.?

Music, whether creating it or experiencing it, is the main focus of our lives.

For each band member individually, what was the first concert  you went to in your life?

Nobody remembers. We all drink a lot and have been to a lot of concerts.

What was the driving influential factor that guided you guys to follow the path of Luciferian Black Metal?

Creating a sonic soundscape that is entrancing yet invigorating while drawing inspiration from negative energies. Black Metal that is real and Black Metal that we,
ourselves, would listen to.

For any other black metal bands that are reading this you have any suggestions of where to shop for black metal gear such as
your spiked wrist bands or corpse paint?

We don't endorse Aesthetics. It's about an outward expression of inborn ideals. As with any ritual, one must be true to themself first.